Dalton 120 Count Glass Top Cigar Humidor

The Dalton 120 Count Glass Top Cigar humidor. This humidor measures 15 inches wide, 10 inches
deep and 4.5 inches tall. It will hold up to 120 cigars and comes in a beautiful dark
mahogany finish. It has a wood framed glass top. You can see this little piece of raised
wood right here, the glass top. The front has a gold plated lock that comes with two
keys, that you can use to lock your humidor. To keep it from prying hands. The back of
the humidor you have two gold plated hidden quadrant hinges. This humidor is lined in
kiln dried Spanish cedar. There is a lip of Spanish cedar on the top that messes with
the bottom to create a nice tight seal. This humidor comes with two rectangular foam based
humidifiers as well as one glass analog hygrometer. You can mount them anywhere you like inside
your humidor. The top of the humidor has a Spanish cedar tray with a removable adjustable
divider. Underneath there are two more dividers, so you have a lot of options for storage.
This humidor has a really nice tight seal. It is just a beautiful beautiful humidor.
This is the Dalton 120 Count Glass Top Cigar humidor.