Davidoff Winston Churchill ‘The Late Hour’ – Corona Cigar Product Review

(western guitar music) – Hey guys, how ya doin? I’m Frank at Corona Cigar Company here. And I want to introduce
to you the brand new Winston Churchill Late Hour. Now this particular
cigar is a stronger cigar that Davidoff brought out. And it’s a really beautiful
cigar in the sense of the tobacco in it is aged for six months in a Scottish whiskey casque. So that way, the tobacco can go ahead and absorb all the aromas
of that whiskey casque. Now it has Ecuadorian Havana wrapper, it has fillers from Nicaragua
and Dominican Republic, they’re resource fillers
so they’re very nice and strong and flavorful
and it has Mexican bandit. Now this particular cigar is
really complex, really robust, really tantalizes the
flavors in your mouth. You’re gonna get hints of dark coffee, you’re gonna get some wood in there, and you’re gonna get some old leather. And again that spiciness that it has, so it really will play with
your mouth, tantalize your mouth really make you enjoy the cigar, the complexity of the cigar. You get those here at
Corona Cigar Company. Late Hour: Davidoff Winston Churchill. Just give us a call. (western guitar music)