Der Pfeifenladen »Hausmischung 47« Pipe Tobacco | Pfeifentabak | Pfeife rauchen

Hello my dear pipe smoking friends and welcome to my newest video … Today, I like to review this tobacco … Der Pfeifenladen »Hausmischung 47«
(House Blend #47) Actually, it’s nothing else but
Kohlhase & Kopp K&K Karamell Flake! In july 2012 I was visiting Berlin, and together with René Lehmann, we went to his preferred Shop »Der Pfeifenladen«. Actually, it’s the second tin … … and I thought it was time to make a review. Let’s stop watching the tin … let’s get started! I already packed the pipe … I’ve chosen this Gigi “Prince” shape … … reminding me a bit of Savinelli 315 … I took one flake, formed it to a “Z” and then rolled it prior to packing the pipe. Now, let’s smoke! The tobacco is rearing up … … that’s why I also recommend to keep some space between the tobacco and the upper rim. This time, it was some more tobacco as I’m usually smoking bigger pipes, such as Savinelli 320 KS. But it still worked fine with me. The tobacco comes in a perfect condition … When you’re opening a totally new tin, the flakes may appear a bit moist … Now, after cellaring for a couple of years, the tobacco became perfect providing a cool and soft smoke. And now, while smoking, you probably will feel that it’s actually K&K Karamell Flake which is sold as House Brand #47 at the Pfeifenladen in Berlin. It’s a very mild taste … … and also while exhaling through the nose, there is this full bodied, sweetish, slightly spicey, creamy caramel aroma. Just pleasant! To all of you in Berlin: If you are ever looking for some K&K Karamel Flake – at the Pfeifenladen, you can get it as house blend #47. In my opinion, Kolhlhase & Kopp’s K&K Karamel Flake is the best caramel flake tobacco available on the market. Because you still can taste the different tobaccos … … with a pure caramel flavor. I also like M.A. Caramello from DTM … … but this tobacco also comes with some more flavor while #47 just provides a pure caramel flavor. Especially for those who prefer flake tobaccos … As you can see, I never needed to relight the pipe … the tobacco is slowly burning down. Here you can see the color of the ash … and at the end, there will be no much more left. I recommend house blend #47 from
“Der Pfeifenladen” in Berlin. It’s ideal for those of you who like mild aromatics, caramel flavored aromatics and flake tobaccos. Thank you very much for your attention! I’m curious of your feedback. I will soon be back on this channel … Take care … happy puffing … have a nice weekend … ciao!