Destination Caribbean – Tips on Cuban Cigars On Your Caribbean Cruise – Hi, Melissa
at here where travel agents compete to find you the best value in cruising
with tips on finding buying and enjoying Cuban cigars. When people think of fine cigars, they think
“Cubans” or “Cubanos.” The inland areas of the tropical island of
Cuba have the perfect soil and climate for growing tobacco. The crop is picked, dried, and hand rolled
by “torcedores,” who are reputed by cigar experts to be the most skilled rollers in
the world. The 1962 U.S. embargo has only added to the
mystique, as Americans have had to do without these prime smokes at home. Which is why seeking out these small masterpieces
in Caribbean ports is a time-honored pursuit among cruisers. Unfortunately, there are probably more fake
cubanos our there then the real things. Here are a few tip-offs that you’re being
offered fakes: -The cigars aren’t stored in a humidor. -If the price is less than $20 for a medium-sized
cigar -If the box has glass or plastic see-through
top -If the seller insists the cigars are real
because the cigar box is sealed–which is when you check the bottom of the box to see
where it was sliced open. But as many scam artists avoid these obvious
mistakes, your best strategy to avoid fakes to deal with reputable retailers. Find outlets of La Casa del Habanos, which
has a direct relationship to the Cuban government. You can also look for stores in upscale establishments
like the Atlantis Hotel in Nassau–though in Nassau the Graycliffe Hotel sells their
own Dominican cigars that may be every bit as good as Cohibas. U.S. citizens are not supposed to purchase
Cuban cigars even when out of the country. But John F. Kennedy, who signed the embargo
legislation, reportedly tried to exempt cigars and even allegedly purchased 1,200 of them
himself just before he signed it into law. You are definitely not allowed to import Cubanos
into the U.S., so do make sure you finish whatever you buy in port or on the cruise. Most ships have cigar lounges where you can
enjoy your purchase with other afficionados. Please click the following links for more
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