Deutz engine smoke problem

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again! Overhere we have our terrific Deutz We drove it last time and we all saw it was smoking on one side When it was running we checked which cylinder stayed cold Now we know it is this cylinder which causes the problem It can have several causes; it can be a faulty injector But it is also possible the cylinder itself is broken, we’ll find out The plan is to check the injector first, I brought a testing device so we can see if it sprays good If that’s not the issue, we’ll open that cylinder to see how it looks on the inside. I’m afraid that will be the issue.. Because I have seen something, I will show you See, this is the bad cylinder Deutz, at least this Deutz is aircooled You can see here’s a lot of rubbish on the cylinder It seems a mouse lived there I suspect that cylinder became too hot and therefore got scruffed But, maybe it isn’t that bad and is it only the injector Ideal, we can work on height Like this we can work perfect on that We removed the fuel lines That’s the injector Fuel enters on this side and it sprays on that side into the cylinder If the injector is bad and it drips instead of spraying And then the fuel does not burn, because it’s important the diesel vaporises first What is that? An injector tester In fact it’s just a pump, with a manometer We can check at what pressure the injector opens and if sprays Lucky enough I kept this thing at my place, so it hasn’t burned we went inside to test That’s good It sprays nice The injector is good, so that’s not the issue That’s a pity, because that was an easy fix So, we are going to remove the cylinder head and see how it looks on the inside First we remove the exhaust, then the intake and then the cylinder head That’s some luck, because Deutz has separate cylinders So we can just remove one head and look inside Ideal! I wish all engines were like that The inside looks better then the outside That looks nice and clean Like new The exhaust, The intake Some more parts.. Look at that, Bas is busy removing the head bolts They’re pretty tight this one’s loose I see it moving! all three bolts have been removed That’s it! The cylinder head Huge cylinders.. I guess we found the issue Where did that piece go? I think it went throught the exhaust A piece of the valve has broken off I think the cylinder will be damaged as well Maybe we’re lucky, but we should move the piston down It can be a cheap fix You can see it part of this valve is missing, it was round You can see a lot of imprints of that part. It has been bouncing around in the cylinder The part is gone, but it might be inside the exhaust I hear some debris, but nothing comes out I see some debris in here to, he crushed it I guess That’s possible We want to see how the cylinder is looking and therefore the piston should go down We can do that by hand, but we can also do it electric It doesn’t look bad That’s the good position It isn’t new.. it sat a long time I guess I see a little rust-pitting a bit rough overhere But if we polish it a bit with scotch bright.. it will get better I think it’s good enough I see a large hole in that piston, what’s the use of that? That’s the swirl chamber The injector sprays fuel into the swirl chamber so it will spin and vaporizes better Hey folks, we’ve seen what’s wrong with it We put it somehow back together to prevent dirt getting into the engine Put a garbage bag over the open cylinder There’s the head, I take that with me and I see if I can find another valve for it So we can put it back together See you next time and thanks for watchin! Seeya!