hi HI!!!!
Today i’m going to teach you how to decorate recycled bottles
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiul!!!!! I’ll give you 5 different ideas to decorate
the bottles. The first thing you’ll do is clean de bottles
with hot water. You can also use a knife to clean de glue.
In the first model you’ll need glue, a brush and candlewick.
Spreads a half centimeter white glue Hide de first part and roll over him.
Do that only in a 1/3 the bottle. At the end put a dot of white glue and brush
it. Do the same on the other side.
Leave the middle space like that. And cut the candlewick at the same point.
In the second model you’ll need the same materials. Put a lot of white glue on the bottle.
Spread it perfectly Roll the candlewick all over the bottle, with
no order. Till it look something like this
In the third model you’ll need MANY strips of tape.
And you’re going to paste it in the bottle forming triangles.
Well, i tried but it’s hard to see, so You’ll do something like this.
In the fourth model you’ll need a silicone pistol
And you’re gonna make an abstract pattern. Like abstract rectangles.
On this one, you can do whatever you want. There are no rulers.
But i think the abstract ones are the easiest. When you have completed the four bottles paint
them the color you like with matte spray. In the first model you’ll spray just the naked
part. So take out the protection. In the third one you can use a exact or Tweezers
to take out the tape pieces. Once it’s ready, i’ll look like this.
In the fourth model you could leave the silicone on the bottle.
But it seems to me that comes off too easy. So you can take it all out
And it’ll look like this This is an other one that i did with silicone
too, doing like vertical worms The last one, the second model, will look
like this. After sprying, its ready. Well, i hope that you liked as much as i did.
And You do it, you recicles and you use it. Bye.