Dog Is Obsessed With Her Owner’s Underwear | Kritter Klub

This story is about dog ‘Sarang’ that transformed the owner to an ‘Iron man’ That’s underwear Why is the dog hiding boxers LOL Owner: My dog is obsessed with my boxers The dog obsessed with underwear When I ask Sarang to give it back Turns violent and growls Never let go of it What if the owner gives some treats? Grabs it quickly and guards the underwear While it’s busy going for treats takes back the underwear where did it go this time they use more and more underwear sniff sniff it’s this one finds his owner’s underwear Why is this dog obsessed with his underwear? Vet: I think the dog is highly dependent on his owner It’s because the boxers smell like him Solution for Sarang’s obsession for his underwear Big shocking toy to scare Sarang away Sarang comes near the underwear but hesitantly You dog! I will get you! Dumbfounded Steps back in alarm Freeze Is it going to steal the underwear again? not this time Scared of the toy Sarang hope you receive lots of love!