Dog With An Overbite Is Obsessed With Balls For A Special Reason | Kritter Klub

Can’t eat.. Can’t think straight.. Because of that.. Ball! A dog who’s in love with a ball, Nacho Lovin’ it Owner/ Wanna play with a ball, Nacho? Hell yeah Lemme catch! Come to me, my dear ball But.. Why you gotta look at the ball like dat *hecc hecc* I’m not exhausted *hecc hecc* PD/ How long can she be like that? / Owner/ Almost all day long I’m an energizer!!! But keep hydrated is important Back at it again Owner/ Bull Terriers are active.. But she was kinda depressed So I have her a ball once At some point, she has changed like that Even when washing.. Gotta see my ball!! My love!! Nothing can stop mah love..!! My eyes are fixed on you, my dear Resumes the remote bath Where are you taking my ball tho Wat da hecc.. Naw!!!! You kiddin’ me, hooman? Mealtime~ I ain’t eat bro Dis stoopid dog food can’t be a compromise Owner/ Though she would give up when the ball disappears.. Didn’t expect this Okay, you win Nacho’s paradise or what I’M COMING, MY BABIES!!! Life can’t be better than this 🙂 Jeez, your mouth! Look at your mouth tho Still having fun? Are you asking me if I’m still having fun? Hell yeah Owner/ Once Nacho starts playing with a ball, she plays until she gets hurt But once I get it away from her, she gets stressed.. I don’t know what to do.. Vet/ Seems like the dog was born with an overbite An overbite..? Nacho couldn’t chew properly, and started chewing the ball Felt relief and pleasure Due to an overbite Nacho couldn’t chew properly Owner/ Nacho once torn up a ball with her teeth Started to have an interest in playing with a ball since then But your mouth is precious, so.. Here’s the solution Solution 1.
Balloon shock therapy..! Wat da.. Hecc I’m scared.. Imma stop.. Solution 2.
Make her attach to a softball Here it goes Her friend’s helping her Like this, okay Nacho, fetch! Oh, I likey~ Dang, it feels good Owner/ Nacho is getting more confident in biting Will find her other fun things to do And she gotta work on it too Yessir~~