Dog’s Obsessed with Hair Tie & Yanks Its Owners’ Hair

My name is Latte… Unlike its name,
Ferocious dog It yanks her hair It’s just a hair tie, you can share with me, right? When my hair is tied, my dog tries to take the hair tie My hair gets pulled out, it’s a mess My Favorite ★ Spiral hair tie This doesn’t leave marks on your hair At first, she just thought Latte liked her a lot But soon realized that it was going for her hair tie Latte only takes hair ties that’s on their hair It hurts so much, so I just let go I think I’m gonna be bald Sisters’ everyday life be like… LOOOL Stop filming! Isn’t your house like this too? Give it back Took off Latte’s clothes *sighs* SOBS There’s no exception for the PD (Umm… We just met…) Expert/ In Latte’s perspective, the overall behaviors seem like Expert/ ‘they’re playing with me & this is really fun’ Expert/ I’m assuming Latte’s obsession for hair ties grew stronger overtime Expert/ This is a good way to bond & build a strong rapport with Latte I think they should continue to let Latte do it There’s so many kinds of hair ties in this world Suddenly feels embarrassed W…What’s with ya’ll today? Latte, have as much as fun you want! That’s how their hair became damaged… RIP Hair (satisfied) Latte, if you enjoyed it… Then it’s all good 😀