Dr. James Black | Vascular Surgery

>>Hi, My name is Jim Black, and I’m the chief of vascular surgery and endovascular therapy here
at Johns Hopkins Hospital. As a vascular surgeon at Hopkins, I also collaborate with researchers who are truly brilliant in their field and study how aortic aneurisms develop and how aortic dissections occur in many patients across many ages. Like any doctor, my
philosophy of patient care is to help the patients understand the how, where, why, and
when of their condition. As a surgeon, I have the
additional responsibility is to help their operations
unfold routinely, that is, minimize the risk where I can and help them get through
their surgery quickly and on to a full recovery. As a teenager and a
college student in Chicago, I had the phenomenal experience to work with busy vascular
and cardiac surgeons in the operating room. From them I learned how
operating rooms could work well. Perhaps out of pure love of
biology as a high school student I would start to pull
articles from their journals to read back and forth
on the train from work. So really, I consider that I’ve been a vascular surgeon since 18. And now I’m going into my fourth decade as a vascular surgeon here
at Johns Hopkins Hospital. (gentle music)