Drug being developed to prevent food allergies and asthma

Australia has one of the highest allergy and asthma rates in the world and it appears that when everything is very very clean and kids aren’t exposed to enough infectious bacteria even non infectious bacteria your immune system can kind of get ramped up and become over-expressed and so people are more reactive to all kinds of new proteins in their diet or in the air as we have with the pollen. There’s a little break through a few years ago when they were examining children in New York City to see who had the helicobacter what they found is that children who had helicobacter pylori stomach infection often they feel fine no symptoms these children are forty-five percent less likely to develop asthma perhaps we could give the helicobacter infection back to children in a safe way we would give a non-viable or killed version of the helicobacter which children could take on the Wheaties cereal or some way over a few months and that would move the allergic response back down into the normal range and perhaps even help desensitize them against some of these things that they’re allergic to it would actually remove your immune system or lower it down to zero it’ll just take the edge off it and you you do want to be a little bit allergic to the obviously it’s going to protect you from certain things for you might remember i didnt experiment many years ago we’re actually drank the live helicobacter and I survived but I wouldn’t recommend it but we think that the non viable product that we’re going to make is gonna be a hundred percent safe and I’m certainly going to volunteer to be the first person to take it.