E-Cig Vapor Or Secondhand Smoke: Which Is Worse For You?

Smoking is bad for you and everyone around
you. So if vaping is less bad for you, is it also less bad for everyone around you? Hi everyone, Julian here for DNews from YouTube
Space LA! Let’s kick this off by saying the obvious: cigarettes are bad for you. The
nicotine in them is highly addictive and causes increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol,
and heart disease. Cigarettes yellow your teeth and nails, cause premature wrinkling,
and the American Cancer Society estimates about half of people who start smoking and
never quit will die of cancer. But, if despite knowing all this you still choose to smoke,
it’s your decision and you know the risks. The problem really arises for people around
you who choose not to smoke, and yet they’re going to suffer a lot of the same effects
if they breathe in your smoke regularly. Yes, even the cancer part, unless you don’t believe
the EPA, the U.S. National Toxicology Program, the Surgeon General, and the International
Agency for Research on Cancer. Children who are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher
instance of respiratory infections, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, and nicotine
negatively affects the prefrontal cortex of developing brains. While the standalone effects
of nicotine as a carcinogen have not been investigated thoroughly, researchers from
the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute have found exposure to it causes DNA mutations
which can increase cancer risk over time. On top of that many people don’t like the
smell of cigarette smoke, cigarette butts are the most common piece of litter, and dealing
with people who have gone too long without their nicotine fix is just terrible. Enter the e-cigarette. The idea is you do
away with tobacco and instead have extracted nicotine in water. A heating element vaporizes
the water, that carries the nicotine into your lungs and you exhale water vapor that’s
harmless to the people around you. At least that’s what the advertisements say, but
what does the science say? Short answer: It’s less bad but still not
great. Yes, it’s true, without the tobacco and tar, the vapor you exhale has a tenth
the carcinogens as normal cigarette smoke so second hand vapor indoors from one e-cigarette
is considered no significant risk, while a regular cigarette is. Still the vapor can
have a negative effect on your immune system. Mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor were more
susceptible to bacterial and viral infections because of free radicals in the smoke that
damaged cell DNA. There’s a new problem e-cigs have too: because
you’re heating a metal tube, the vapor can carry heavy metals. Some of them, like lead
or zinc, are in lower levels than you find in normal tobacco smoke. But one heavy metal
in the vapor that’s not found in cigarettes is chromium. Chromium comes in a couple different
forms based on how easily it bonds with other elements, trivalent chromium [Cr (III)] and
hexavalent chromium [Cr (VI)]. Trivalent Chromium isn’t absorbed well by the body so it’s
pretty harmless, but hexavalent chromium is a different story. Chronic inhalation can
cause lung scarring and lung cancer. The thing is, both these forms of chromium are used
to keep metals from corroding, it’s where we get the term “chrome” from. So either
of them might be used in manufacturing e-cigarettes. The USC study doesn’t specify which they
found because it’s difficult to differentiate in tests. And with so many makes and models
of e-cigarettes and very little regulation, it’s impossible to know which maker is using
which form of chromium. But let’s assume that regulations and manufacturing
standards can eliminate hexavalent chromium from the vapor. There’s still the nicotine.
That’s what this is all about right? that sweet nicotine fix? E-cig smokers can choose
different cartridges with a range of nicotine levels from none to pretty high. The nicotine
will still cause a wealth of cardiovascular problems so that aspect is no better than
regular cigarettes. How much of that nicotine is in second hand vapor? According to Oxford
University, about a tenth as much that’s in tobacco smoke. it’s still present and
so the Oxford researchers warn to hold off on vaping near children, pregnant women, or
people with cardiovascular conditions until more studies are done. So as of right now, for the most part, it
looks like second hand vapor poses a significantly lower health risk than tobacco smoke. But
remember, it took decades of observation and study to realize the effects of passive tobacco
smoke inhalation. E-cigarettes have only been on the market since 2007, and to really know
what we’re getting into we need to be able to see the effects of the vapor over a person’s
lifetime. That’s right, say it with me, more research is needed. E-cigarette smoke is apparently a lot less
bad, nice, myth confirmed. We can’t say as much for Hookah smoke though. For the details
on smoking hookah and why it’s really really really bad for you, check out Trace’s video
down here. So, knowing what you now know, would you be
comfortable with someone vaping in the room with you? Or if you use e-cigs yourself, would
you respect someone asking you to vape outside? Let us know in the comments! Oh and sidebar,
if you’re under 18, don’t smoke. Even if you can buy e-cigs legally, that nicotine
hooks you easier and is still bad for your developing brain. Plus they don’t even look
cool, they’re like a weird light-up version of those little recorders they made you play
hot crossed buns on in 3rd grade, it’s not a good look. Ok, I’ll see you next time
on DNews!