Eluvia™ Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent Part 3: The Challenge

For your patients with peripheral artery
disease the goal is simple to keep walking and our goal is to provide you
with the technology to make it happen that’s why we keep working. The anatomy
of the superficial femoral artery makes it challenging to treat. Adding to the
difficulty are mechanical forces, tortuous lesions, occlusions and
calcification. PAD has significant impact on patients. It keeps people from
walking as far and as fast as they’d like to do for their lives or for their jobs. If
the PAD is really severe it can result in limb loss which is a devastating
permanent adverse complication to them. It’s becoming a much larger impact on
the healthcare delivery system in general year after year after year. It’s
becoming one of the more prevalent manifestations of cardiovascular disease
in general. And so in that respect PAD just in general and the biggest, you
know, swath has a huge impact not only on Americans’ lives but worldwide treatment
of PAD needs to not only provide relief to the patient it needs to provide it
over the longer term minimizing the need for additional interventions. Clinical
data show that drug eluding stents keep the vessel open longer while offering
sustained freedom from target lesion revascularisation. We have clear data
that the drug-eluting stent technology outperforms a bare metal stent. Hardly
any patient in my hands leaves the cath lab without any kind of anti-proliferative agent. In my opinion drug- eluting stents have a very very reproducible result and offer a tremendous amount of value for our patients. In turn
a healthcare delivery system that’s trying to offer the best care to the
broadest population possible, with sometimes finite resources, having that
drug-eluting stent with a very reproducible outcome for every single
patient that’s tremendous value right there.
So I think drug-eluting stents will continue to have more and more of a
dominant role in the care of PAD as we move forward. As the experienced leader
in drug-eluting technology we are uniquely qualified to help you provide
your complex PAD patients with the best possible outcome, namely to keep walking.