Epestsolutions – Ultracide Flea & Tick Control Aerosol Spray

Hi, I am Jeff for ePest Solutions. Today we are talking about Ultracide. This is a pressurized flea adulticide as well
as an insect growth regulator. It has a product in here that is a quick knock
down, it has a growth regulator which is going to halt the reproductive process of the fleas. It also works on ticks and it has a residual. And this can last for up to seven months. The way you want to apply this is first vacuum
all the carpet. You want to have everything up off the floor
as much as possible. Things that don’t have to be on the floor
should be removed and you want to get all surfaces of the floor, so get underneath the
furniture, get underneath the beds. Any cloth furniture, you want to go and treat
that. You want to treat all area rugs, above and
underneath; make sure that you get any that are hiding underneath things. It is very easy to apply. It has a little tab for your finger. So you want to go to the furthest area of
the room and you’re just going to work your way out of each room, and you use a sweeping
motion. So you’re going to be about 24 – 36 inches
from the floor, you’re going to apply that relatively quickly, you should be able to
do about 10 seconds for every 100 square feet. After you have applied you’re going to want
to leave the area for a few hours and let everything dry. It’s a very light spray so it’s probably not
going to take that long. But just to be sure, wait a couple hours,
you come back. Starting the next day you need to vacuum daily
for about a week. It’s labeled for 2600 square feet, but you’re
probably, more realistically because it is based on how the applicator applies it, you’re
probably get somewhere between 1600 – 18/1900 square feet per can. So if you have over 2000 square feet it is
probably a good idea to go and order two. And also there is a hatch cycle that is going
on, you’re going to be experiencing fleas for probably a few weeks after you have done
the initial treatment. Some people like to do a follow-up treatment
in a couple weeks, and it is definitely okay id you want to do that. So have some extra on hand. And remember when you order more than one
can there is a little bit of a price break so it is advantageous to do that. It’s free shipping, go ahead and order it
today, we’ll get it shipped out to you today. If you order it late in the day, then it will
get shipped out tomorrow.