hi I’m Ramona Brown the cigar lady and I
am here with Eric Espinosa so Ramona the alpha dawg so I want to
know what new is coming up there is a trade show coming and I am sure that you
have something amazing ready yeah it’s actually the trade shows
in Vegas again in July we have all three things coming out of the show we’re
doing a it’s called Las a Croatia which means the six province of Cuba and I’m
real excited about it cuz it’s a the cigars a collaboration between actually
three people between Hector my son who did all the artwork on it didn’t trip I
designed everything yeah yeah he’s put a lot of time and effort in it
a lot of time and effort in it and it’s phenomenal the box it’s 300 boxes I
wanted to live in a box it’s a box that it swivels it’s like up in the air it’s
a beautiful beautiful design the box it sounds with H you know the liquors but
some of the chords that yeah and that’s what the boxes of the cigar box and it
comes it comes in and there it’s three got a box in there numbered and it comes
in his own individual box itself it’s a box another box sure there’s only 300
one out of three hundred and I don’t even always get in the one I guess my
son deserves because he eats uh he you know he put that I’m sure Hector and I
I’ll settle for three I give him Hecht is number two and I’ll settle for
three of course I had to get my dad water so yeah it’s only 300 it’s a
beautiful wake you guys see it that’s what I’m most excited about and then
we’re doing the warhead floor and and then we’re doing the above the product
the first time we’re gonna do one of the product it’s uh it’s beautiful cigars
two robbers Connecticut and the Habano there’s not much more you can do you
know because of the FDA and all and this is stuff that we have planned a while
back you know that’s why we’re doing the trade show and hopefully you know we can
add to it but I don’t know you with office at the ABS has happened in here I
don’t know what’s gonna happen yeah but they you know you heard it here
you heard it here first with Ramona Brown