FAB Floating Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Explained – Edelstein Cosmetic – Toronto

I’m gonna talk to you about
the Floating Abdominoplasty, also known as the FAB. This procedure is
best used in a woman, who’s had
one or more children, and her main problem
is that the muscles
are widely spread apart. She doesn’t have
a lot of extra skin, but has a big bulging tummy. People will often
come up to her and say, oh, you’re pregnant. But, she’s actually not. Let me show you what I mean. So, just for orientation
this is the pubic area, belly button,
and here are the ribs. With the floating
abdominoplasty, the fat, one of the benefits is the incision is actually
the same length. It’s short and it’s the same
length as what I use for a mini tummy tuck,
and we can put it as low as we want, okay? Usually just above
the pubic area, okay. It will angle up a little
bit along the groin, something like that, okay? It’s still fairly long,
but it doesn’t go all the way to the side,
like a full tummy tuck. But it’s literally,
the same length, as a mini tummy tuck and
if you have a Caesarean scar, let’s say this is
the Caesarean scar here. Always put the incision
below that, so that will get rid of
this scar and it will be
a fresh suture. Now what happens is,
I go down to the muscles, and I lift all the skin
and the fat off the muscles all the way
up to the belly button. When I get to
the belly button, this is a representation
of that. This is the muscle,
I’m lifting the skin and the fat off the muscle. The feet are down here. So I’m coming up
in this direction. Okay. Which is similar to
coming up this way. And I’m getting to
the belly button. This is the belly button on the
outside of the skin. Okay. And it has a stalk that goes down
to the muscles and it attaches
to the muscles. So when I get to the stalk
of the belly button, what I do is I release it
from the muscle right down here
at the base, then let the belly button
come up. That’s why it’s called
a floating abdominoplasty, I let the belly
button float up. And then I’ll continue
lifting the skin and the fat off the muscle,
all the way up to the ribs. What this allows me to do — It gives me exposure
to the muscles all the way
up and down to the tummy, so that
I can suture them together from top to bottom, okay? I can stitch
the muscles back together all the way down the abdomen. We’ll also pull this
extra skin down and remove some of the extra. And, very similar
to a mini tummy tuck, I can usually get out
about half the distance between here
and the belly button. So, something like this. We’ll remove that,
this’ll help tighten the skin. We get rid of the skin
fat stretch marks. This edge here, is gonna
get pulled down to there, so that’ll help
tighten the skin. And then finally, we’re
gonna do some liposuction. And we’re gonna liposuction
on the sides here. These are the love handles,
going around the sides. And I’ll also liposuction
essentially, the rest of the abdomen, to thin out the rest
all the way up and down. Now, when I’m finished
most of the time as I’m finishing I will stitch
the belly button back there to the muscle exactly
where it was. On occasion, however,
if I want to, I can actually move
the belly button down a couple centimeters
and actually say put it a couple centimeters lower. Why would I want to do that? First of all,
there’s some patients who have very high
belly buttons, kinda looks
a little bit weird. The other time
that I’ll do this is when an individual has sort of, crinkly skin just above
the belly button. If you move
the belly button down, it’ll put this skin
under stretch and it’ll get rid of some
of the crinkliness. So, the advantages
of this procedure is you’ve got a short incision. You do not have an incision
around the belly button. There is no scar around
the belly button. You deal with the entire
abdomen, and if necessary, you can move the belly
button down a little bit. [MUSIC]