Fake Volumetric Smoke Particle System – [UE4]

hello everyone in this tutorial I will
show you how to make this fake volumetric smoke if you like my videos
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material for this smoke so for that right click then material I will name
this M underscore smoke then open it up and we will grab a texture from starter
content so this T smoke tile texture then bring it here then change the blend
mode to translucent and the shader model to unlit so now we just have the
emissive color and opacity so now duplicate this so we get this two
texture zombies now get a texture coordinate so plus u and click then a
pan of pianted and congress to the coordinate the connect this to the UV
then duplicate both of this then connect this to the you this here now change the panning speed to 1 for
the speed X and the coordinates should be the same so for the second texture we
will change the panning speed to 0.5 for X and for the tiling we will give a
value of 0.5 and point 5 so it will make the texture toys half-baked so now we
will multiply both of them together so now it looks like this so as you can see
it has made our texture a bit darker so to make it a bit more lighter we will
multiply this with 2 and multiply it by 2 so it will be little bit more brighter
so now we get this panning texture to make this look like a smoke we need to
multiply this with a radial gradient so get’em you multiply then rightly can’t
happen radial gradient and connect this to the P so now we have this kind of a
shape so now get a new multiply and cactus here and we will get a depth red
node and connect this to the B so what this will do is that whenever our smoke
gets close to a another mesh it will fade so you won’t see any harsh and just
when they smoke intersect with another edge so now we will get a new multiply
and connect this to the a and we will get a particle Cullotta so right-click
an particle color and connect the alpha to be this allows us to control the
alpha of our material through the particle system
so now after all this is done drag and clamp this so if any value is going
above 1 or 0 we can clamp that between 0 & 1 and now connect the pseudo paucity
so now we get this kind of a shape so to get the shake volumetric effect we are
going to add color to our smoke so it will kind of look like there is some
shadows inside so to get that we will get a linear gradient so here 1 is a
vertical gradient and the other one is a horizontal gradient so if we multiply
both of them together we will get something that looks like this so here
both this gradient value is 1 and here both this gradient values 0 so we get a
shape like this we will use this to color or smoke so now I will get a new
multiply I kind of cuss to be and I will get a scalar parameter and kind of this
to be here and I will name this boost so this will allow us to boost the color of
our smoke I will give a default value of 2 then we will get a clamp and
characters here and for me we will get a new square so processed and give away
the scalar and kind of this to mean and I will name this mean now that default
value I will give a value of 0.5 and a slider min should be 0 and the Mac
should be 1 so now the 0 value the 0 value and the value between 0 & 4 in 5
we’ll be mapped 2.5 because we have a point 5 here so we can control this in
the material instance later to control our smoke now get a new multiply and
contrast you here and connect this to be so if you want to color the smoke you
can use this and gonna this to the emissive color
so get a smoke that looks like this now we will create our particle system so
rightly and particle system I will name this P underscore smoke and open a gap
then in the record I will just create a material instance and click this arrow
sever material gets added so now the first thing I’m going to do is give a
initial rotation to this so get an rotation into rotation not rotational
rate rotation rate will continue to rotate the particle throughout its life
and into rotation will fully offset with rotation during the start so that’s all
we need to do there between 0 & 1 now I will change the initial size I will lock
this to the XYZ axes and change the x value to maybe 80 and the mean value to
75 now we will change the lifetime to point 4 9 and 5 it’s double raining here I don’t know if
we can hear the noise up north I’m sorry if you can so we get something
that looks like this now we will play around with the Alpha so go to color
over time then click this graph I can serve you ate this graph now click on
this ello on the color over life so we get that disabled so this one is alpha
our time we will bring that to zero and we will click on this Auto and we will
just add just this like this so make it touch one so it will stop at zero and
also index zero so it will give it maximum value when they light them up
the path appears at 35 percentage then it will fall down to zero so we will get
this kind of fading effect so the next thing to add is the size over tie so go
to size 5 by light and click on the ground and click on the L of the Alpha
over life so we can not see that so we get only this life multiplier now I will
go here and change the lower back 6 2 X by C so we get a single point so I will
bring this to zero and auto now I will add just this and I will do then I will
bring this to 0 also and add just it like that so now we get a smoke that
looks like this we can also adjust the intial size and add just a curve and
then just the final size and they will adjust the curve you can always add more
points here and control it that way so now we have our smoke let’s bring that
here now we can control the color so check boost and min then we will
decrease this value that kind of gets a bit darker we can also decrease this
value to like 1/3 smoke will be very dark I am just going to leave it at 2 it’s lagging for some reason I don’t
really know we only used like turn D particles here so you can always
increase it everyone play around with this value so you get
the result you want let me check the value of this – wine pouring – so I will
change this to point two so yeah now we have a shadowing of her smoke so that’s it thanks for watching guys
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