Food Bites: Hong Kong food obsession

I started on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My mom’s family is from Washington, DC so we would come over here. She and I really loved Chinese food. Whenever we could we would go eat Chinese food. Seeing all the roast meats in the window. The noodles. The Hong Kong style soups. You know, you’d walk in; it’s the hustle and bustle. And you know, the whole ceremony of tea, and how you serve tea. It always has fascinated me. Straight of high school I went to the Culinary Institute of America up in New York. And then I worked to New York for five years. Moved down to D.C. here. Worked in a few restaurants and then I moved out west for a little bit and then back to D.C. in 2013. I learned the technique. Basically a French technique. And working in some restaurants in New York. Gramercy Tavern; things of that nature. But, I always in the back in the background, always kind of secretively like read up on Chinese cuisines and have books and things of that nature. One of our signature dishes here at Tiger fork is Chung fun. It’s just a very authentic Hong Kong style dish. I love it. We basically stir fry some prawns and flowering chives, a little bit of ginger. Let that cool down. We will roll that rice noodle up into a roll. Then will steam it. And then will cut it into pieces put the dressing down, which is a little bit of just basically a sesame dressing. Then we make house made chili oil, kind of just drizzle that around. It’s a very technique oriented dish. But it’s not hard. With a little practice you can make it. It is very much street food that you would find in Hong Kong. I was talking to my friend at work about coming to Tiger Fork and he said that this was actually his favorite restaurant. So, I knew nothing of the restaurant until till he said it. And more importantly, I was like oh “my husband got reservations” so why not go. So my friend recommended Dan Dan noodles so we are getting that one, the Char Siu Plate and Chili Wontons. So I’m originally from Los Angeles where Asian food is everywhere. But living here for the last seven years the Asian culture has just started to get really popular. Street foods, different types of, for instance like Hong Kong cuisine. So, um, I think it’s just one way for me to connect with home. But more important, I just love the cuisine, love the food, reminds me of growing up. I just really enjoy it. There is never a day where you can be down. Like you have to be on your A game at all times. That’s the hard part; doing it day in and day out. There’s times when you don’t feel like doing it but you kind of have to push through and persevere. When you have a guest that comes in at five thirty or five o’clock you want to make sure that that meal is the same as the people coming in at 9:00 o’clock. I think people are generally happy when they come in here.