She got me like.. Sigh… Go! Sigh.. I forgot my wallet. Go! My first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings. Ooo, yeah, that’s pretty bad.. But, on the other hand, my personal experience wasn’t bad. I actually really enjoyed it. I met a really nice lady there she was
my waitress. She was so helpful, she actually gave me extra as far as the
sauces go. The first one was Mango Habanero. The second one was Asian Zing. The third one was Honey Barbecue, and that’s Ranch. I’m so ready to chow down on this!
The way it looks, it was slightly crispy OH! Hot! After taking a few bites without any
sauce, it’s very plain but it is very juicy on the inside. I’m ready to try the
sauce. The first one is Honey Barbecue. Nice and tangy, sweet, that’s what I
usually like is Honey Barbecue. The next one, is the Asian Zing. It’s, also, very sweet and tangy, ginger, garlic, soy sauce in there. So, it has a nice mixture of
flavors with a bit of a kick. I’m going to be honest, I’m not a spicy person. I am going to sacrifice my taste buds for you guys. Here we go.. (Cough, cough) Ridiculously spicy! I had to quickly
drink water, but, whatever I could taste, other than total devastation, was again, a bit tangy, a little bit sweet. But, the spice was so overpowering.
I practically died! Lets GO! (GASP!) REALLY? Yay! So, I finally get to try Swig & Swine. Four and a half stars, very high with 870 reviews. Everyone kept talking about
their dry rub chicken wings. I’m not I’m not crazy about dry rub, usually. However, when I tried this it really just opened my mind to trying dry rub anything because the
way they season this was very very tasty. The smoke flavor was a Hickory, Oak. Nice, and peppery. Very thick, it’s ’cause they don’t skimp on the dry rub. I would, say this is
such a great place to go to, maybe, on a Friday night. You worked all week, you’re
tired, you want something easy. And, you just want to enjoy time with friends. Grab a beer, enjoy eating chicken wings, call it a night. Let me know some of the things that you
like. You may end up finding that one of your likes will end up in one of my
upcoming videos. Thank you for watching, press like, and subscribe! I’ll see you again next week!