Fox News Is STILL Obsessed With Hillary And Obama

Our next question comes from @mayra_nash1991
who asks, “Why can’t Fox News leave Hilary Clinton alone and Barack Obama, even though
he’s out of office? I’m just curious and I know part of the reason
is because of Trump, but I believe there’s more than that.” Here’s the reason Fox News can’t let Hilary
Clinton go, they can’t let Barack Obama go. It’s because that network’s base, the viewers
who tune into that network every single day, they’re motivated by fear and anger. Without those boogie men, the Hilary Clinton
right around the corner or the Barack Obama hiding under your bed to inject you with socialism
medicine, they’ve got nothing. That’s why they’re gonna keep hammering on
it. We’re going to see less and less of that as
Democrats, assuming they take back the House, maybe even the Senate, in the midterms. But we’re also seeing a bit of a pivot at
this point, too. Fox News and other right-wing websites, ’cause
it’s not just Fox News, they’re trying to promote this idea that Maxine Waters is the
head of the Democratic party. You know who in this country’s talking about
Maxine Waters right now? Republicans, Republican right-wing websites
and news channels. That’s literally it. There’s nobody on the Democratic side trying
to hold up Maxine Waters as the face of the party. That’s only Republicans doing that. Any Democrat who says that she is, they’re
doing the work of Fox News for them. Same thing with Hilary Clinton and Barack
Obama. What’s even more disgusting to me, though,
is that they’re still too many people out there in this country on the left still talking
about Hilary Clinton as well. Why? We had news reports earlier this week telling
us that Hilary Clinton has not completely ruled out running again in 2020. For the love of God, don’t. We appreciate everything you have done for
this country. However, you have now run for president twice. You got beaten really bad the first time. You won the popular vote the second time,
but that’s not what counts in America, which is unfortunate and unfair. However, you have lost two different times. It’s time to let somebody else have a shot
at it. Continue doing what you’re doing. If you wanna be politically active, Hilary,
be politically active. That doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t think you should just disappear from
reality. If you wanna do these things, do these things,
but I personally believe that your time to run for president has expired. I don’t like this idea of repeated campaign
losers coming back to lose again and again and again and again and again with the same
failed advisors, the same failed policies that didn’t resonate with voters. They spoke. The Electoral College spoke and she didn’t
win. We’re gonna see Fox News continue to hammer
these points home that, Hilary Clinton, maybe she’s running. They wanna keep her alive because they know
it energizes the base because they hate her so much. If they don’t give their viewers someone to
hate, they don’t really have anything left to offer their viewers.