Fronto Leaf: Whole Leaf Tobacco Guide – Grabba, Fanta & Fronto Leaf |

Thank you for joining us today, my name is
Caleb from, your source for the world’s freshest whole leaf tobacco, fronto
leaf and grabba leaf. And what you have here in front of you are five different kinds of
fronto leaf tobacco that we carry at I’m going to give you a brief summary of the
features and characteristics of each leaf, so you can better understand for your own
needs. So right here in this pile we have QB52 Fronto, it’s a very large fronto leaf,
high grade, wrapper quality leaf, as you can see there is hardly any holes in this leaf,
most of the QB52 fronto leaves will be in this kind of shape, they may have a small
little hole somewhere, these are most popularly found in convenience stores around New York
City and different metropolitan areas. Then we have this next pile of leaf here, this
is called the Connecticut Fronto Leaf. It’s another premium cigar wrapper quality fronto
tobacco leaf. It’s large, just like the QB52, its slightly lighter than the QB and it’s
another popular wrapper quality leaf. Next stack of fronto that we have over here is
the Dark Air Cured Fronto grown in America. It’s a bit darker than your Connecticut Fronto
and your QB52. And it’s got a bolder smoke and the leaves are slightly smaller, they
are a wrapper quality tobacco leaf, and you’ll find with a good percentage of the leaves
are perfect wrapper quality leaf and a small percentage are going to be near perfect with
little holes here and there. But still mostly usable, mostly really good quality leaf for
wrapper use. Then this next pile of leaf we have dark air cured fronto grown in Canada.
And you’ll find the main difference is between this dark air cured fronto leaf and the American
grown are that they are larger, they are lighter in color and you’ll get a couple less per
pound on average for these leaves you get about 25 leaves per pound. How many leaves
you get per pound depend, kind of how thick the leaves are and how large the leaves are.
Then we have this one last pile of tobacco here, it’s called Dark Fire Cured Fronto.
This is very bold, very strong tobacco, most of the leaves will be 100% wrapper quality,
as you can see, it’s very nice, hardly any holes at all, there are a couple tiny little
ones here and there but, this actually isn’t most popularly used as a wrapper quality leaf,
it’s actually more popularly used for ‘grabba’, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and making
snuff. So that is pretty much the dark fire cured. So that just kind of gives you a rundown
of five different kinds of fronto tobacco that we carry at And I also want
to just clear up one misconception that people have between the definition of the word fronto
and the definition of the word grabba. Grabba leaf is actually leaf that is broken down
and smoked, while fronto is just one of these fronto leaves. And often times these leaves
are used to be broken down to make ‘grabba leaf’. So just a quick little fun fact for
you about fronto leaf tobacco. So check us out at That’s W H O L E A F dot
com. And talk to you soon, have a nice day!