Getting active gave me my independence back – Caroline’s story of living with COPD

We’ll I’ve had asthma for a long time, but then, one day when I was walking to the shops, I noticed that my breathing was a lot harder. So, I went to the doctors and they done the test, and that’s when they said I’ve got COPD. I didn’t want to go out. Some days I didn’t get dressed. Just didn’t want to do anything. She was going downhill quite rapidly, and it was really, really getting her down. Really getting her down. It was hard. The doctor suggested doing a course; and Caroline didn’t wanna do it. We got up that day, I gave her a good shower, we picked out some clothes, and she cried. She didn’t want to go. I was a bit nervous. A bit shy. You know, ‘cos of people I don’t know. But, I enjoyed it. It’s made a hell of a difference. Going out, talking to people. [Music] It’s made a hell of a difference, hasn’t it. Basically she’s getting her independence back. Yeah. And that means a lot. Even though we both walk up the shop, I am finding that easier than before. You know, I still might get the odd day where me breathing don’t feel right, but I manage it now, better. Caroline really thought she was on her own. You’ve just gotta get out and get that little bit of help. Yeah. And don’t be frightened to ask for it. We didn’t want to, but we’re very, very glad we did. It’s helped a lot. It’s helped a thousand percent.