Grown Up Nighttime Allergy Relief Recipe

(peaceful music) – Hi, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute, and welcome to my YouTube channel. I wanna show you how to make a great blend for reducing allergies. And this one is meant for
adults, this is the parent blend. If you have kids with
allergies, I did recently just also make a video
for a kid allergy blend, so make sure to check that out. Okay, so we’re gonna
do it in aloe vera gel. And that’s a perfect carrier
because this is a nighttime blend, the aloe rubs in
really easily, and it’s light and cooling and refreshing. And you won’t get any oil on your sheets. So I’m going to fill this two ounce PET plastic bottle with the aloe. I love the shape of
this, it’s sort of oval. And although I do usually blend in glass, when I leave something by my bedside, I usually do it in PET plastic. Just because if you’re reaching for it in the night, it’s easy to knock over. Okay, so I’m gonna just
pour the aloe right in here. And we’ll fill this up almost all the way. Just leave a little room
for the essential oils. And then I’m gonna use 10 drops of three different essential oils. And actually, these
are the exact same oils I used for the kid allergy blend, except we’re using a larger
concentration for adults. So in this case, I’m
gonna use black spruce, cedarwood, and our beautiful lavender, and we’re gonna do 10 drops of each. Now, black spruce is amazing for reducing stuffy head, congestion, sinus infection. It’s so clearing and it’s
just a great one to use. So 10 drops. Comes out fast, okay, good. And then cedarwood, I just find cedarwood to be so grounding and it’s really gentle, and yet incredible decongestant. And so, it’s just the oil that you want when you’re dealing
with a lot of allergies, ’cause it’ll help calm down
the reaction, help calm down the itchy eyes and stuffy
nose, and all of that. Of course, you don’t put it anywhere near your eyes, but it still helps. Okay, so 10 drops of the cedarwood. There we go, good. And then, lastly, 10 drops of lavender. Lavender’s the most
well-rounded oil I know. It helps with so many things. And in particular, it’s great
for the respiratory system, and it’s great for the nervous system. So it’s really gonna help you sleep. And it’s gonna help with any
sort of sinus congestion, headache, that allergic
reaction, it’ll calm down. Okay, so 10 drops. And 10, it smells so good. This combination is so beautiful together. And I put it in a disc top bottle so it’s very easy to get
out a few drops at a time. So I would just give it a
shake before you use it, and then you can just
go ahead and apply it to your shoulders, the back
of your neck, to your back, to your feet, wherever you wanna apply it. I wouldn’t put it right around your eyes, but anywhere else is great. And then you can use it right before bed, and then if you wake up in the night and you’re congested,
you can use it again. Use it in the morning, and you can carry it around with you as well. It’s a very nourishing blend. So I hope it helps, let me know, okay? Take care, talk to you soon, bye-bye.