Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko: Naomi’s darkest obsession | Full Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Hello to all Kapuso and Kapuso abroad! I am Megan Young and I am Kris Bernal. Oh well, Kris. What would you do if you’re home alone in your house and suddenly feel like there’s a paranormal? Don’t be like that! But for me, I’m sure that I’ll call my mother or my close friend then I’ll ask her to stay with me. I’m sure I’ll be having a hard time to sleep. You? Just the same, but maybe I’ll run out of the house. For sure, our viewers can relate to this because almost all of us have scary experiences. Maybe we don’t experience it directly but we have friends who had the same scary situation. That’s right. That’s also the situation of the characters in ‘Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’. Alright, so let’s watch our pilot episode. Naomi…. Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… Naomi… I’m begging you!
Leave me alone! Naomi… Naomi…. Naomi… Naomi it’s me, Matteo. Matteo… Thank you. What do you mean she’s back? Did you dream about it again? She is not a dream. She’s real. I can see her. I can talk to her. Really, you can talk to her? What did she say? You don’t believe me. How can I believe? A talking ghost? You know if you want we can consult a professional. I know a psychiatrist, a batchmate of mine. I can call him. No need. You’re here anyway. You know ever since you lived here the ghost doesn’t show herself to me anymore. It only happened again because you’ve been gone for so long. Please don’t be away that long. That’s impossible. I also have out of town conferences that I need to attend to. Please, don’t leave me. If I’m with you my fear goes away. I don’t see the ghost. Matteo, I need you. Matteo don’t leave me. Make sure the sponsors’ ads are visible. They will deliver the sample product tomorrow okay. Okay. Hey, be careful. You should fix that. It seems Naomi didn’t allow you to have enough sleep last night. I wish. She had an anxiety attack again last night. She said she’s been haunted. Is she serious? Paul, there’s no ghost. Everything is just her hallucinations. Maybe because of her traumatic childhood. I just try to understand her, sometimes I pity her. You’ve been together quite long, two years. I think she’s your longest relationship. I don’t know why until now it’s still us. Sometimes I’m thinking if I love her or its just pity. Naomi is kind, caring and most of all she will not leave you. That’s one of my issues about her. She is very clingy. It’s like I’m her only world and she wants me to treat her the same way. That’s not possible. It’s okay to have a confident partner who is whole, just like…. Who? Your high school ex? You really haven’t forgotten her. I just wish Naomi could be less dependent on me. I’m also tired of always taking care of her. I don’t know if I still can stand it. Thank you. Hi, love. How was your day? Give me that. As usual, tiring. By the way Mrs. Toledo dropped by. The house is for renewal. But don’t worry I’ve issued a check good for one year. What? You didn’t even bother to tell me first. What’s with you? Are you thinking about the money? Love, let me take care of it. I got the whole payment from my client. Don’t think about it. You should consult me first regarding this matter. So what now, we’ll be staying here for another year? Do you want to transfer? What is the problem? Our relationship is not working anymore. Naomi, I want to breakup with you. You know you’re just tired. Have a seat first. Just forget what you’ve said. I’ll prepare you food. Naomi, I’m serious Have a seat. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks actually for months. We’re not growing in our relationship. There’s no more spark. Something is missing. What? What is missing? Tell me I’ll make up for it. What is wrong? I don’t know. All I know is I’m not happy anymore. You know what you can stay here. I’ll pay for the house. I’ll leave. Matteo, I’m begging you don’t leave me. I don’t know what to do. Naomi, Naomi, listen. Please what do you want me to do? Naomi, it’s for the best. If we prolong this we’ll only make ourselves suffer more. I’m sorry, Naomi. No. You know you’re just tired. You rest first. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. Matteo, Matteo, wait a second. Let’s talk. Matteo, don’t do this to me please. Matteo, please. Matteo, please, please. I’m begging you, Matteo. I’ll do everything. I will change. What do you want? Tell me. I will change. Naomi, take care of yourself always. No, Matteo, Matteo… Bro, how’s the life of being single? We’ll it’s something new for me. I’m the one who cooks and do the laundry. You know basic stuff. Bro, I’ve noticed something. When you and Naomi were living together you had an easy life. Why don’t you reconcile with her? You’re really crazy. That’s not what I’m after with Naomi. Don’t you miss her? I already know that, bro. Of course I miss her. You know we also shared a lot of moments together. But it doesn’t mean I regret breaking up with her. The break up is good for the both of us. You know bro, I’m going to introduce you to a girl later. I’ve been looking at this. You really look good together. Besides there are a lot of girls who will attend the Halloween party later. Is that sure? It’s easy for you, man. It’s easy breezy for you. Besides I’m sure you will find someone there who you can replace Naomi. Here. Here’s our costume. It’s here. That’s yours. Nice one. What is this? So our muscles will show.. Besides, this will surely attract girls. We’re going to wear this to show our muscles? Good thing I don’t have a friend like you. He’s the one I’m close to. He knows this is perfect for the party. It’s boring here. You want to go somewhere private? Okay. I’ll just tell my friends. Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! I’ve been waiting for you. What’s with you? You’re rude! Miss, I’m sorry.
I thought you’re… Don’t touch me! Let go of cousin. Maniac! Yvie? Matteo? Cousin, is he your high school ex you’re talking about? Oh, first part’s really thrilling! Super agree, but before we continue, here’s a shout out to all our Kapuso abroad who are watching. And to continue watching ‘Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’ and other kapuso shows overseas, call your local pay TV provider to subscribe to GMA Pinoy TV. Okay, let’s continue watching. What happened to you? I’ve been looking for you for so long. You suddenly disappeared. Small world. Of all places, we bumped into each other here. Miss, I’m sorry earlier. By the way I’m Katya. Yvie’s cousin. Nice to meet you. I’m ready. Let’s go. Let’s go home. Huh? Excuse me. Yvie, wait. How can I see you again? Let’s go. Ma’am, just drop by here and get the 10 boxes. That’s good, glutathione soap with argan oil. Okay, Ma’am. Thank you, bye. My child, let me take care of that. Hey Yvie, did you and Matteo reconcile? I’m not entertaining him but he keeps on bothering me. You said of all your boyfriends he’s the most special. You broke up because you transferred here. That’s not the only reason, Katya. There’s a deeper reason why I didn’t call him after I left. Yvie, are you still going to visit your mother later? Yes, Auntie Mercy. I’ll go there after my work, Mother’s medicines are running out. Her condition is really a handful. The facilities are so expensive. That’s why I wish Yvie will push through with the job in Australia. You can’t save money with your current job. Mom, we’ll go ahead.
We’ll be late. Okay.
Take care. Bye, Mom.
Take care. Bye. Let’s go. Go now.
I’ll take care of this. Bro, what time are you going back to the office? Today is the post mortem of our event. I’ll be back later.
I just need to drop by somewhere. Who? Is that the girl you’ve met in the party? Bro, this is different. She’s my “one that got away”. And now that I saw her again I won’t let her go. I have to go. I’ll see you later. Ma’am Yvie, I’m sorry Arkin is late. We had to fix our passports this morning. That’s okay. Come on. Thank you. Okay. Arkin, just go ahead. I’ll follow. Go now. Yvie? What are you doing here? Do you need anything? Need right away? Is it possible that I’m just visiting you here? What are you going to do later? Can we have lunch together? My class is about to start. And please if possible don’t come here. I have to go inside. Bye. Goodbye, Ma’am. Okay. Take care on your way home. Take care, Arkin. Who is that for? Is that for Teacher Yvie? Arkin. Are you courting her? Arkin… Teacher Yvie, I’m sorry. We’ll go ahead. What are you doing here? I said don’t come back here. I just want to reconnect, Yvie. I think there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Yvie, there’s nothing with that right. I have no time for this, Matteo. Why don’t you have time anymore not like before. Remember we even have a “no review, no date policy” That was before. I’m not the same Yvie ten years ago, Matteo. I’m a different person now and I have different priorities. Why don’t you date other girls? Why don’t you court other girls? The one in the party. How can I forget something I didn’t know that it’s already over? I woke up one day and you’re gone. My situation is complicated before. Then tell me. Why did you leave me before? Is that… Mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia after my father left with his mistress. Her condition got worse that’s why we need to take her here. Why didn’t you tell me before? I could’ve done something to help you. You are my escape when I’m with you. I can forget all my problems. But time came when she needed all my attention. I’m sorry, Yvie. She’s been in and out of here a lot of times. Sometimes I’m wondering if my family will still be complete. But I won’t give up. Mother will get well. Auntie, Auntie, how are you? I’m Matteo. Can you still remember me? Matteo? Matteo, you came back. It’s Matteo. Yes. I’m telling Yvie that I miss your cooking. Yes, I used to cook before. Yes I used to cook before. You know what’s my favorite? Every time I finished eating you always have mais con yelo. That’s very delicious. You like that? That’s why I come and visit early so I can have free food. I’ll cook for you, Matteo. Okay. Matteo came back. Thank you. Take care always. And good luck to all your plans in life. Wait a second. You talk as if we’re not going to see each again. Maybe you will stop bothering me after you saw my mother. I’m telling you my life is complicated. If you think I’m turned off you’re wrong. It’s the complete opposite. I admire you even more when I met you. If you will give me another chance I won’t let you go again. You should go now. It’s going to rain. Good night. I will be completely honest with you. I’m not comfortable with that Naomi. There’s something wrong or strange with her. It’s like she’s crazy. You’re going to Australia? I just got accepted by the company I’ve applied for. What about Matteo? Will you marry me? That’s right. It’s her fault. And just like that, our pilot episode of ‘Hanggang sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’ is done. We’re sure you were left hanging so subscribe now to GMA Pinoy TV to watch more episodes. See you, Kapuso and Kapuso abroad.