Never do that ever again. Well heyyyyy, ohhh
what uppp homie. Erm, my name is Melisa Smith, or just Mel thank you because my name is too
cultural for you to ever be able to pronounce ever. I’m only kidding, it’s not cultural
at all, I think my mum was just being really really awkward when she decided to name me
Melisa. Anyway, uh besides the point of my name… ooh it’s all like all mysterious like
a smoke screen. *coughs.* I am nineteen years old; I live in the UK. I live in North England
to be exact which is really quite unfair considering there aren’t that many Northern… England
Youtubers knocking about, like it’s always Southerners or Americans or like Australians.
It never really… tends to be anywhere else other than that really. So I thought hey i’d
join the bandwagon. I’ll be representing the North of England. I know i’m not funny, i’m
so sorry. I tend to talk to myself a lot and by a lot, I meant a lot. And er… I’m sorry
if you’re wondering what that is, i’m spraying a can. I’m really bored. Erm, I lost my train
of thought. Why is my cam… stop… eh. Stop yelling at me. So I like to talk to myself
a lot. About really stupid things and they tend to keep me up at night and I know that
there actually are people out there who tend to feel the same so we can all be friends.
I just wanna talk about my most recent life and stuff like that. Like i’m going to university
in september. I’ll be studying in Liverpool in the lovely, lovely city so. Erm, i’m actually
an art student as well. I don’t know if I already said that. Did I say that? I think
I did. So i’ll be taking lots of photographs and er, I will be blogging my journey throughout
the three years of university and onwards. i actually already have a blog at the minute
called universityandonwards. Blogspot. Blogger. Google. Whatever. I don’t even know what it’s
called anymore. I like to journal my life because I think it would be really nice to
read when I’m older about all the stupid things that used to actually keep me up at night
which actually didn’t mean anything at the time. If you’re into that sort of thing as
well or if you wanna know about uni or college or art or *sings* all that jazz. Please feel
free to subscribe and like my videos and we’ll become best friends! Best friends! And er,
yeah. Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, every single social thing that’s
ever existed ever. I hope you enjoyed, but yeah thanks very much and er, be ready for
some new videos soon!