Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot Cigar Review

The Henry Clay Rustic Cheroot. Hi, I’m Bryan Glynn of CigarObsession.com Today we’re taking a look at this 5 5/8×38 stick. Known as a “panatela” shaped cigar comes in with a slightly soft, but even pack not your typical Cheeroot cigar, even though it’s in the title. This is not a traditional cheroot cigar. It’s just a rustic lumpy dark chocolate wrapper. Has some pretty good medium veins some tight, but very visible seams. A large double pigtailed cap. Has a oily satin feel to it, a closed foot, and a very pungent musty dark, cocoa almost like a cocoa mix aroma. Very strong aroma. All right, let’s go ahead and get it cut up and start toasting Now I say this is not a typical cheroot cigar because those are typically a very hard sometimes dry cured cigar Oftentimes kind of like a perfecto shape or you can cut them in half. Think Toscano if you’ve seen my reviews of those. Very different for me. This is basically just a a lumpy almost lancero think of it that way, but this is a normal hand rolled cigars are just using the word “cheroot”. Of course with a pigtail cap you can choose to gently tear it off that’s kind of what they’re designed for but, Oftentimes they tend to tear the cap for me cause I do find that sometimes they’re more for marketing than function these days So I choose to cut them off. Doesn’t matter though. I just err on the side of caution. Very nice draw. Medium to full body. Strong coffee, bit of a pepper, darker cocoa flavours. Darker bitter earth coming in at the end of the drawn into the finish dry bitterness sticking around. Very heavy flavors, but now they’re tapering off and going kind of airy on the end of the finish. Quite smooth. Bit of an oil slick on my lips even from the one puff And just about gone, so it’s pretty short finish Alright, good start. I’ll let it heat up get in the first third and see how it develops. Ten minutes in: Same flavor profile just a little bit longer finish. Perfect draw and construction. Not unusual for such a small ring gauge. Burns on the fast side. Again, not too unusual I don’t expect big transitions from something this size. There can be but not usually. That’s it I’ll just keep on trucking. Packed with flavor. That’s for sure. Pepper might be coming up a little bit more just through the finish getting a bit of a tingle that wasn’t there just a couple minutes ago. That’s it. All right. We’ll get in the second third. See what develops A short 20 minutes in we’re at the halfway point Pouring off the smoke absolutely perfect construction the ash just dropped in a nice solid chunk. Kind of surprise there. No changes to the profile since last update. Again, no shock there. So we’ll continue on through band is nice and loose so that’ll come off any time I’m ready for it. Probably just slide it off. Yep. All right, we’ll continue on through and see if anything changes and what kind of time we get out of these last third. 35 minutes in: Really thick rich smoke out of this. Down to the last inch it’s going very hot. So this is where I’ll end it. Flavor-wise it’s gone much plainer still a very deep experience. The earth is dominating. It’s quite creamy though. Bit of a dark roast coffee left. Dropped almost all the pepper even through the finish. Just leaving the earthiness until the next draw Great construction. Nice. Solid chunks of ash, but it is a very hot smoke so you’ve gotta really like it warm if you’re gonna nub this guy. Overall up a nice little package for a shorter experience I know a lot of people are looking for a shorter smoke. Lunch breaks, stepping outside, doin’ whatever. It’s not something you need to really pay too much attention to. Burns very well, but does deliver nice full flavors. That’s it. This has been the new Henry Clay or they call this the “Rustic Cheroot”. I’m Bryan Glynn from CigarObsession.com. If you liked this video, give me a thumbs up, if it sucked, give me a thumbs down, subscribe to see more, and we’ll see you next time. Thank you for watching the video! Visit us at CigarObsession.com