Hookah | How Bad Is Hookah | Is Hookah Bad For You

So do you a friend a family member
anyone you may know smoke one of these some call it shisha
others call it hookah and many people are using it these days as a form of
socializing but just how bad is shisha for our health well we’re gonna find out
okay so for those of you who may not know what shisha is or you may have seen it
and you’re not quite sure where it is well here it is now to summarize fruit
flavoured containing tobacco is placed in the clay pot and then it’s wrapped in
foil and placed on top of here charcoal is then placed on top of it and it heats
up the tobacco now when the smoker inhales from this
pipe it creates smoke and it goes into the users lungs
so the question is just how bad is smoking shisha it is bad as smoking
these cigarettes well the short answer is yes smoking shisha has many of the
same health risks as smoking cigarettes just a quick note because I know a lot
of people watching this right now or think this but what about the water at
the bottom doesn’t that filter out all the toxins well I’m just going to bust
that myth for you right now because no it doesn’t filter anything studies have
shown that that water filters nothing so remember this the smoke that’s produced
in shisha is at least as toxic as cigarette smoke so you are at risk at
the same diseases that are associated with cigarette smoke and if you’re now
wondering well what diseases is well don’t worry because I’m going to tell
you those diseases oral cancer lung cancer stomach cancer
cancer of the oesophagus reduced lung function and even reduced fertility now
generally speaking most people attempt to smoke shisha socially with friends so
the average time spent smoking shisha is usually about an hour so the question is
how much smoke will you be inhaling is one shisha equivalent to one cigarette
and smoke to be quite honest with you when I read this fact I was really
shocked and I think it’s going to shock a lot of you as well so one puff of a
shisha so just one inhalation is equivalent to one cigarette in smoke
just imagine that one puff one cigarette crazy right so that means that for an
average shisha session of one hour you can inhale the same amount of smoke as
from 100 cigarettes now studies have also shown that a typical shisha
session has about twenty five cigarettes worth of tar and eleven cigarettes worth
of carbon monoxide and remember this this even if you’re not smoking shisha
so you’re just socializing with friends other people are smoking you also put
yourself at risk of secondhand smoke so you’re putting your health at risk too
now that we know some facts about the shisha let’s actually look at the shisha and learn a bit more about okay so before we
actually look at the shisha I’ve just got to make a slight confession
I bought this shisha for this video and it did come with a clay pot thing
that goes up here and it contains the tobacco but I can’t find it I’ve looked
everywhere and I can’t find it so for the sake of this video please imagine is
a clay pot thing here now the shisha so in this play pot thing goes tobacco and
then they cover it with foil and put charcoal on the top now this charcoal
and foil produce things like carbon monoxide heavy metals and also
cancer-causing chemicals and you inhale that that all goes into your lungs okay
and a common myth as well that many people will say is that oh it’s got
water to water that goes in here because the the air flows from there it goes all
the way through here through water and through the pipe into your lungs now a
lot of people think seem to think that this water filters all of these harmful
chemicals and you’re left with something pure and nice that’s good for you but in reality
studies have shown that this water doesn’t filter anything and another
point I’d like to make is about the shisha pipe itself now please remember
this shisha pipe is communal so everyone smoking this shisha is using this pipe so
it spreads loads of infections and one of the most common infections is
actually oral herpes and I’m pretty sure nobody wants oral herpes also
another study that I read not long ago about smoking shisha
is just like smoking cigarettes it stiffens the arteries and when you
stiffen your arteries you’re more at risk of getting clogs in your arteries
and heart disease and again nobody wants heart disease now I do know people that
smoke shisha and unfortunately it’s still seen as a less harmful alternative
to smoking cigarettes but I really hope this video has helped made things clear
that smoking shisha is harmful for you so please tell your friends tell your loved
ones tell your family tell everyone because you now know the facts and if
you are struggling to quit smoking shisha
or quit smoking cigarettes well the good news is that the
NHS have loads of support and advice for anybody who’s wanting to quit so we’ll
need more information about this in the description below please check it out
always remember that you’re awesome and I will see you next week this pipe is
probably used in a shisha cafe by so many people and people are inhaling from
it and it’s all of these diseases being spread like oral herpes it’s really not
good for you look at these diseases oral cancer stomach cancer lung cancer cancer
of the esophagus reduce respiratory flow and even (mumbling) that was a long take took a lot
of my breath did that take took my breath away like shisha hey guys thanks
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