Hot Smoked Salmon cooked on the Weber 57cm MasterTouch BBQ

Hello everybody and welcome to The Barbecue
Shop here at Hayes Garden World, and once again we’re joined by Mr Richard Holden. Hello. Top BBQ chef in the UK. Simple dish this time. Really simple. Hot smoked salmon? Hot smoked salmon, salt and pepper. On a Weber 57cm MasterTouch. So Richard talk us through hot smoked salmon. We’ve got half a side of salmon here, skin’s
still on, jut going to simply season this with some salt and pepper. So, using our grinder. If you go for a nice bit of height you get
a nice even distribution of the pepper over the salmon. Nice bit of good quality salmon you don’t
really need to do too much to it. Maldon sea salt, just crush the flakes as
you sprinkle it on. Then just to help everything stick a little
bit of our rapeseed oil. Now I know fish is one of your favourites,
but I have been known to convert quite a few people to fish over the years, with a little
bit of hot smoked salmon. Just pat that on. and then sometimes people
would put this straight onto the grill but for me the rails on the grill are a little
bit too far apart and the fish is too supple so it will settle between and when you try
and use your spatula to take it off it can just get stuck in there so, what we’ve got
underneath our plate here, you’ve got one of the frill baskets, or vegetable baskets,
we’re going to place that straight onto the grill basket, upside down because when we
take our fish slice or our spatula we can get in nice and level from the sides. If we have it the other way up we have to
start digging down under and we can break that fish up. That is all the prep we need to do; this is
still, the holes in the perforated tray will allow the smoke to come through. So now we’re ready to go to the BBQ. Okay, should we take it over to the BBQ. Yep, this is going to get baked, or roasted
so it needs to go on an indirect heat. This one, we’ve got fuel in the left, fuel
in the right and a complete empty section in the centre, so that’s where our fish is
going to go on our basket and then if I use these tongs just to open up the hinged cooking
grate. So, I’ve got some wood chips here, we’ve let
them have a good soak, for about 20 minutes. So that’s just soaking in water then? Just soaking in water. So for the time it took the chimney to start
the briquettes to light in the chimney, those are soaking and we’re good to go. If you want to take a handful, let the water
drain off and just place those in. And on a charcaol BBQ these go straight onto
the coals, don’t they, they’ll start smoking within about 15 seconds. If you’re on a gas BBQ you’d use the smoker
box; the smoker box takes about 15 minutes to start producing smoke. It’s important when smoking food to make sure
that the BBQ is producing smoke before you put your food on. Food takes on smoke when it’s raw; once that
outside surface’s sealed you’re not really going to get any more smoke in there. You can see we’re already producing smoke,
the lid goes back down. Little simple point that I always like to
make is that the vent goes over the area where the food is and that way the banks of coals
that are producing that smoke, the smoke comes evenly around that food before it escapes
through the top. Vents open top and bottom, airflow is required
for the coals to remain lit. And we’re going to give this how long? A piece this size, let’s say we’re going to
check it after about 10 minutes. If these were individual portions, maybe 7
– 8 minutes, but a full half piece like that, let’s check that in about 10 minutes and then
we’ll see if we’re ready. So we’ll come back then. So we’re back with the hot smoked salmon. We’ll have a check, you can use your temperature
probe again for salmon, tip of the probe, turned it off, for fish we’re looking round
about 62. That’s 64 so that’s bang on. So, you’ll notice there’s one fork on the
table, I know you don’t like fish. Not a fish lover. So we’ll bring this off, lovely, beautiful,
dark brown colour on there from the smoke and er ah! Put that on the table, nice few sides, good
to go. So if we just flake that off the front you
can just see how that has just perfectly cooked all the way through. Now sure if you can get a close up on that
one but cooked all the way through, got a nice dark colouration on the outside from
the smoke. If you don’t like it as smokey as that you
can put less of the same wood chip on, we’ve used pecan on that one haven’t we? It’s quite strong. So you could put less of the same wood chip
on or top end of the spectrum in terms of lightness you’ve got your apple, your cherry
and your fruit woods, bottom end of the spectrum you’ve got things like your mesquite and your
hickory, so if you want something darker or heavier or stronger you can go down the spectrum
or you can put more on, if you want it less intense you can put less on, or go up the
spectrum to fruitier lighter wood. Nice little bit of hot smoked salmon there
for people to try at home. I’ll let you try that. You’ll let me try that, so I’ll let you do
the details. If you like to see any other recipes like
this one visit our website: We’re across all the social media platforms,
regular content. Pop into the shop see the team in there. I’m going to let you enjoy that one, I’m not
a massive lover of fish, I am sorry. But we’ll see you next time.