How Cigars are Made : Cigar Pressing

In this clip we’re going to show how we take
the mold, put it in the press, and we’re going to show you what the finished product looks
like. Usually this would be full, but we’re just doing a little demo. So, you take your
mold and you put it on. As you can see, it doesn’t really quite seal, I mean there’s
still a lot of air gap in there cause the cigar is actually very loose. It’s in the
press, screw it down, screw it ’til it basically seals right up. Now, these will generally
stay in here for 45 minutes. And what we do is we open it up, pull out the mold, open
the mold, and rotate the cigar about a half quarter turn; ’cause what you’re doing is
’cause as you’re pressing it you get a seam along each side of the cigar. Now, if you
don’t get rid of that seam when you wrap it the seam will push up and make the wrapper
look bubbly. So, by rotating the cigars, you get rid of the seams on both sides so it’s
a very smooth cigar. Generally, it takes about 45 minutes a side so a total of about an hour
and a half just to do one mold and after the hour and a half is done, you get this. As
you can see here, these are the seams I was talking about. Now, if this seam wasn’t pressed
and rotated this would be sticking up ’cause as you can see how it overlaps a little bit.
If you didn’t rotate that cigar that would be pointing straight up. So by pulling out
the cigar, rotating it, and re-pressing it to get rid of the seams, so you get a smooth
smoke so it doesn’t have any bubbles on the wrapper.