How Cigars are Made : What’s in a Cigar?

In this clip we’re going to discuss the general
components of a cigar as far as what it’s made out of. OK and this is the seco tobacco.
This is what you use in the filler. This is ojero, which is also a filler component. This
is your binder, which is used to hold the filler together. And you have your wrapper.
Now wrapper is suppose to be kept moist so it actually has its stretch and its flex as
you’re rolling. As you can see this this wrapper is in a towel. And the reason I use a towel
is so it holds the moisture in. Now every so often when you’re rolling you want to keep
this moist so you get yourself a spray bottle, just a basic old spray bottle and you give
it a couple of sprays. And what that does it keeps water into the towel so it actually
keeps the tobacco moist so it has its stretch and its flex. So you’ve got to keep that moist
and when you get the wrapper in it comes in these, which they call hands. As you can see
it’s the whole leaf. It’s not just part of a leaf.