How Do Mermaids Have Sex? (feat. Beth Stelling) – Shenks for Smoking

– Female mermaids have (beep). I have a (beep). – (gasps) Wait. – Hold on. – I have a (beep). – I need to light up for this. Welcome to Shenks for Smoking. The most whimsical weed
show on the internet. I’m Sara Weinshenk and today’s guest is Beth Stelling. (Beth gasps) You guys will recognize her from Netflix, The
Standups and from Kimmel. – Yeah. – Before we get really into this episode, I’m going to need for you
to spin the Weed Wheel. – Okay. (whimsical music) Do I even get it all the way around? I don’t want to be too rough with it. (Sara gasps) (guitar chord) A vape. – We got a vape pen! Okay. – Those can get ya. Oh my goodness. – Hey ladies. – Oh hey. – I love your makeup. – Thank you very much, thank you. I was born like this. – Wow. – He was born like this. This is our merman. – Big fan. – (laughs) Apprec. – [Carl] Enjoy. He’s limited in motion but has the ability to still be a mermaid and enjoy the fins. – Right, what he lacks in motion, he makes up for in passion. – I see that. – And that’s why we (beep) love ’em here. You know what I mean. – I feel like that’s Ariel from
Little Mermaid’s wet dream. – [Sara] Right. – Do girls have wet dreams? – Well for sure mermaid
bitches have wet dreams. – Yes. – Right. What if when mermaids got
turned on they just got dry. (Beth laughs) Well it might make more sense. – Where is their hole? Maybe it’s a valve that opens. – A valve. – Yeah, sort of like a blowhole situation. – Calling a (beep) a valve is just a lot. – I think it’s like a great new thing. – A valve, I’m into it. I’m down to just try
one of these vape pens. – Oh my God. – [Sara] There’s so many different flavors I’m just kind of like. – I forgot these were here. It’s hard ’cause I want to taste it. But I also need to see
what this has done to me. – See I’m just plowing through sister. – No, I’ve seen it. – I have an exciting
announcement right now. – I’m all ears. – Carl! – Wait is Carl back? – [Sara] Carl’s back. – We could ask him about the valve. (whimsical chiming) – He comes bearing gifts. – Not to be forward but I don’t want to
assume anything about you or your sexuality. Have you slept with a, I guess a female mermaid before? – I have, yes. – And where is her (beep)? – Well female mermaids have
(beep) and I have a (beep). (dramatic sound) So it’s right where. – Wait. – Hold on. – I have the (beep). – I need to light up for this. – How did you guys meet? – Oh I was out in Ireland
for a little bit of time. – That’s where I’m from. I’m Irish. – Maybe, I was doing
standup on the cruise ship and we met eyes. – Royal Caribbean? – Yeah. – I knew it. – I was looking over the edge
a lot contemplating life. – Were you the one who kept wondering if you should jump or not? – That was. – A lot of people contemplating
whether or not it’s worth it while on a cruise ship. – Wait, oh yeah, what’s he… – Oh, these are the hats yeah. This is the High Hat Challenge. Either of you pick up the hat and then you embody what
the hat represents to you. – [Beth] Carl.
– Shit. – [Carl] Enjoy. – [Beth] I can look.
– Wow. Is this a cow or is this a dog? Oh yes, this is like. – That’s like a skater girl. – I don’t know a lot of shockas happening. – I love how you’re playing
the shockas like a maraca. – I was just going to see if you (giggles) wanted anything to drink? – Oh, you’re a bartender. – No, I’m a barista. [Sara] Oh you’re a barista. – But I have the knowledge of a bartender. – Oh. – I went to college for milk. – Have you read the latest book club book? – No, I don’t know to to read. – With a hat like that? – You don’t have to be able
to read to be successful. – Oh. – So I give speeches of course
I never write them down. It’s all up here because I can’t, I can’t read. – Well you’re just an enigma aren’t you? – I’m also a billionaire. So I’m doing something right. – Yo, okay my mixtape
is about to drop girrl. (Beth coughs) I think I”m ready for a
little bit of a snack. Carl! Yes! – It’s marzipan peanut candy from Mexico. It looks like little sand
dunes from where I’m from. I know the sandunes and
sand-don’ts of my life. (rimshot) – That was a joke. – Thank you. I’m big where I come from. (Beth laughs) – How do you feel about this? – It tasted like powdered peanuts. – I hope you enjoy. – [Beth] Thank you. – You’re welcome. – I love that we just have
these hats on right now. Like these are the looks.
– It’s like we chose this. – We finished on. Well that’s our episode thank
you so much for coming on. – (gasps) Oh my God it’s already over. – [Sara] Yeah, you were so great. – (coughs) I really got a
nice burn there in at the end. – And where can our viewers find you? – – Thank you guys for watching
another great episode. – Thank you.