How Much Nicotine is in a Cigar? – Cigar 101

Hi. I’m John Pullo, Managing Editor
of Cigar Advisor and Robert from Passaic wrote in with a quick question about
how much nicotine is in a premium cigar Well, that depends on a couple of factors
including how big the cigar is what kind of tobaccos are inside, and how
those tobaccos have been cured and fermented. There’s also a big difference in how
premium cigars are smoked that matters a lot when talking about how much of
that nicotine actually reaches your system. So if it isn’t already obvious, yes,
there is nicotine in premium cigars. And when we talk about the strength
of a cigar, that’s usually in relation to the amount of nicotine. So,
cigars will have very little medium cigars will have more nicotine,
and strong cigars, that are blended with a lot of Ligero. will have the most.
But compared to cigarettes, it’s almost impossible to do an apples-to-apples
comparison on nicotine content because there are so many differences between them.
Let’s start with cigar tobacco. Very different than the stuff used
in cigarette tobacco, and I emphasize stuff. Premium long-filler cigars are 100 percent
tobacco, no additives, air-cured, fermented, and aged naturally. That process reduces the total nicotine
content in the cigar and is used to great effect by cigar makers who
ferment in age their lead for months or even years. Cigarettes are not.
They contain “stuff” as well as unfermented tobacco, which is much higher in ammonia,
cured through a couple of different methods, and not all of them are
natural. cigarettes, cigars are not meant to be inhaled which means you’re ingesting
less of the cigar’s total nicotine content. That’s because the body takes nicotine
in more quickly through your lungs than it does through your mouth. There’s no standing scientific measurement
on how much of a premium cigar’s nicotine is actually absorbed by your body,
but an estimate from the 1990s showed an average of about 10 percent
is actually what’s taken in and that’s attributed to the fact that a cigar
is meant to be puffed and not inhaled. So depending on the cigarette,
there’s usually around one milligram of nicotine. nicotine. In a premium cigar, there can be
more, but like I said, it varies depending on the cigar strength.
instance; a full-bodied big-ring cigar might have as much nicotine as
10 or 15 cigarettes. A mild cigar, or a cigar with very well-fermented tobaccos,
may have the same amount as just this one cigarette. And because you puff slowly on a cigar
for an hour or more, as opposed to inhaling the cigarette in under
five minutes, the nicotine absorption rate, and overall amount, might end up being
less than this cigarette’s one milligram So, bottom line is – if you
enjoy cigars, but maybe you’re concerned about the amount of nicotine being absorbed
into your system, remember… Puff D on’t inhale. And like many things,
what’s important is that when you choose to enjoy a cigar – and it is
a choice – smoking in moderation is key.