How to buy a cigar someone

what’s going on everybody, Kevin with
Cigar prop here, let me get rid of some of that sun all right there we go.
So alright… we’re not back here with a cigar review today, we’re back here with
a cigar. uhhh, tips and tricks’, that’ll be the section of the YouTube channel it’ll be in.
Today I am smoking a Fuente Gran reserva and today is a special occasion
so maybe a special cigar is in order today’s also today is Wednesday March
14th and Stephen Hawking had just passed away so there’s a famous quote by him,
“remember to look up at the stars and not down on your feet, try to make sense of
what you see and wonder about what makes a universe exist, be curious, and however
difficult life may seem there’s always something you can do and succeed at. It
matters that you just don’t give up”. So alright I got a little emotional for a
second, umm I just come from a business meeting
fantastic fantastic meeting I was scared as hell, umm to, to go and meet a legend in
the cigar world and um we decided to start carrying my cigar props on the shelves
of quite a few cigar shops. So I don’t want to give any details or specifics right now but
it was a fantastic meeting and… but that’s not what this video is about, this
video is about how to know when you go into a cigar shop, maybe you want to buy
a cigar smoker in your life a cigar
so I brought this one with me because I had a feeling the meeting was
gonna go well and I was gonna smoke it either way my friend Meagan Meagan Trioni Canadian Meagan, Hey budday! So umm gave this to
me last week when she was down she went on a cruise and I was able to see her for one
day, she’s my very best girl friend in the whole wide world and it’s just a friend
that it’s a girl not my actual girlfriend. So she picked this out for me and she
picked a fantastic cigar. If you’re going into a cigar shop looking to pick out a cigar you can never go wrong with a Fuente.
But you can also never go wrong with something cool in a tube like this because I
don’t throw away kick-ass tubes, there aren’t a lot of cigars and come in these,
Fuente is one of them. La Flor Dominicana… it’s also another one you can
never go wrong by giving someone an LFD they come in great little tubes but…
what that’ll do… I’ll set that on my desk and I’ll always look at that and I’ll always,
I’ll always think of Megan, you know, god am I gonna cry or something always think of this day this day March
14th as the day that Cigar prop that’s that’s the day that I kind of got big.
This could be the start of something fantastic
in the world of my cigar journey, so having this tube, smoking it, or having this tube
on my desk and always remind me of this day and it’ll always remind me of Meagan. I
don’t get to see her very much maybe once a year it’s actually been two years
since I saw her last and every time we’re together it’s just such uh
a just it’s just it’s just an amazing relationship that we have and so as that’s
sitting on my desk I’ll always think of her and that’s what I say, when
you’re going in you wanna buy someone a cigar, you know um, you can get fantastic cigars for… if you’re
only buying one and it’s for someone special occasion spend the 15,20,25
dollars that’d be good, they’ll hang on to that tube
and you know they’ll always always think of you and generally most cigar smokers for
some dumbass reason we hoard cigars, um I’m trying to get away from doing that
myself as I’ll have a special occasion a cigar really special cigar a you know that
I’m hanging on to waiting for that occasion to smoke which is dumb. Just smoke
it. It’s a cigar it’s designed to be smoked but most of the time people are going to
smoke that cigar on a special occasion and when they do they’ll think of
they’ll think of you and they’ll think of a the amazing gift that you gave them. yeah
so so if you’re gonna buy someone a cigar I would say try and try and buy
one in a tube someone’s always going to hang on to that tube
and always do something with it even if they just keep it laying around it’ll
just be a cool memory of that person that gave them that that cigar and since
they’re gonna be smoking on that special occasion they’ll always remember both of
those, hey remember that time I spoke to a cigar after my kid was born you know
that one that that Meagan gave me or whoever you know so that’s what I would
suggest go into a cigar shop and get a recommendation and Davidoff
Aniversario number 3.. hands down 2017, that was my number one
favorite cigar that I smoked that year that comes in a cool tube, so like I said
the La Flor Dominicana, the Fuente so try and find something in a cool tube you
know that way they’ll you know… not the glass tubes those are gonna break, I got
those laying all over the place that’s all right, if you’re looking to buy
someone a cigar for a gift if they don’t have anything in a tube just just ask you know, like
hey what are you smoking, always go… if you’re gonna pick a color and you know, pick
the lightest color that you can you know Connecticut wrapper, something uber over
light because even someone that that smokes heavy full bodied cigar will
always smoke a lighter Connecticut cigar but someone that that’s usually smoke on
the lighter Connecticut cigar they may not like a Maduro, they may not may
not like something black and thick and oily that just may not may not be
their their cup of tea so when they smoke that you know they’re gonna smoke
it because you gave it to them they may not have an enjoyable experience so if
you if you don’t know what they’re gonna smoke, umm try and stick to something
very very light bodied and I would imagine most tobacconist you know their probably
gonna ask you, what does your friend normally smoke and your gonna be like, I don’t know Just say, give me something uber mild, in a cool tube.
So even if it’s a Davidoff, that is the premier cigar, don’t go out hunting for a
Cuban, first of all you don’t know if you’re gonna get one, a
real Cuban, it may have a real band but so many knockoffs, it’s not worth going
out and getting that especially when a Davidoff blows Cubans out of the water,
period and you’re gonna spend, on a high end Davidoff, like the Anniversario number 3 it’s like their pinnacle cigar, fantastic cigar at $17
you know I’m like you know you probably think at 17 that might be a lot for a
cigar, it might be a lot for a cigar but is it a lot for a gift? You know if
you’re gonna go out and spend you buy someone something you’re gonna spend 20
30 bucks on him anyways buying them a trinket that they’re gonna throw away so
why not spend less money and buy them a cool cigar, you know
that’s what I want you someone buy me cigars don’t give me something that’s just gonna
lay around, give me something I can remember you by. So so if you’re gonna
buy, buy a gift like I said, make sure it’s in a cool tube and uhh make sure um…
yeah that’s it. Make sure well just make sure it’s a light cigar in that way
no matter what the palette, the person smoking it is, their going to enjoy it. so… that was my, my video for today so the
Fuente Gran Reserva Meagan thank you, and you know I love you and I’ll love you forever. peace you