How to do a Jellyfish Smoke Trick

how’s it going this is cool smoke tricks
from massroots and today I’m going to show you how to blow a jellyfish step 1 you’re going to want to blow a smoke ring using the cough method to learn the cough method check out my previous video on how to do smoke rings after you blow an “O”, you’re going to slowly walk behind it until your
lips are about an inch away from the “O” make sure to move carefully so you do
not distort the smoke ring while approaching it after you are about an inch away from
the smoke ring you want to slowly release smoke allowing it to wrap around the O and
create a jellyfish when releasing smoke into the ring you
do not want to exhale you just allow it to pour out of your
mouth naturally the first method I’m going to show you
guys is the cough method just started two inches away from your partners