HOW TO GET RID OF TOBACCO ADDICTION II तम्बाकू की लत के छुटकारा II

Welcome to healthcare at home. Todays young generation youth is under the
influence of intoxication of some or the other. One addiction is found in elderly people as
well as among the young people and in everybody. That is of chewing tobacco. How can you get rid of this tobacco addiction. When you stop eating tobacco, your blood pressure
gets low. and you feel uneasy and you start to eat tobacco
again. Or start to smoke cigarattes. To leave that addiction, I am going to suggest
you one home remedy. If you try this then you will get much releif. But after trying this remedy also you will
still feel uneasyness for 8 to 10. We suggest you that you dont use these things. Don’t eat tobacco. Don’t fall into these type addictions It will have very bad effect on your health. Try this home remedy. What you have to do? Take some rice approximately one spoon rice and take cinnamon. Cinnamon is available in every household. Take cinnamon stick. Break cinnamon into small pieces and add to the rice. Grind it into a coarse powder with the help
of mortar. But grind it into coarse powder. (Grinding Sound) Eat this coarsely grinded powder. whenever you feel uneasyness and have urge
to eat tobacco, eat this. Chew this powder as you chew tobacco. What will happen by this is that you will
get some relief from the addiction of tobacco. You have tobacco chewing habbit, that will
be cured by this. And within few days, if you have made your will power strong for 7-8 days, you can leave this addiction. You can make your will power strong by taking
vow on your kids or family that you will leave this habit. With strong will power, if you use this remedy,
after bearing uneasyness for 7-8 days, you will get rid of this habit for life long. Anyways we always wish that you stay away
from any kind of intoxication. stay healthy, stay happy, be busy and keep
watching our show. Thank you. Jai Hind