How to Hand Roll Cigars & Smoking Tips : How to Light a Hand Rolled Cigar with Cedar Chips

Hi, my name is Matthew Driggers and we are
here a Cigar Castle in Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village this is how to
handle cigars, smoking tips and techniques. I’m going to put this cigar away and show
you the exact same thing but with a Cedar stick, so you are going to hold it a little
different because, because it is a little bit more of a delicate process. So what I’m
going to do first is I’m going to light the cedar stick with a lighter or matches or whatever
you have. Take it and light it up. Get a nice flame going. The flame is really gentle and
the tobacco is going to get a nice cedar flavored start to it and again you just toast it around
the edges here. It’s going to take a little longer, but it’s worth it, it gives you a
better flavor. Whereas, the butane has no flavor. Just let it tickle the cigar a little bit
and see it might have been a good idea to hold this over an ashtray because I’m getting
ash everywhere, but that’s okay, and then you do the same thing that you would do with
a lighter and there you have a nice lit smoky.