how to make a roll up cigarette with filter and tobacco (very simple)

ok start, this is a quick video of HOW TO ROLL A TOBACCO tis really easy tip no. 1 , its takes little bit of practice tip 2 , after practicing 40 ,, 50 cigarettes, u gonna get the hang of it soo there are few papers that u gett in the market and i like to use the silver one bcoz, we taste less paper in the moutth so, how i like to do. i like to put the paper like this, straight tobacco on the paper it little bit camouflouge spread the ttobaccoo over the paper ,, u can make it big cigarette or like a small cig. depeending on how much tobacco u want to smoke, i like small, as i smoke a lot.. i like to put the tobacco like this. if ur right handed, put the filter from the right and the part which has to be licked will always will be facing away from u. the part which has to licked has to be facing away from u , when u take the joint like this,, and be very smooth with tyhe paper at firtth u might feel tht ur fingers and not sliding, gliding ,, u might might feel u need to moisturise ur hand,,, it all good u can hv little bit of saliaa in your finger, to make itslightly wet later on we will not need it anyway. u keep rolling.. and now this is the crucial part once u are happe with the thing u need to flatten out the tobacoo, u need to to pinch wth ur right thumb. inside.. so keep rolling and pinch with ur right thumb inside. this is actually the most crucial part and this wull tak little bit of practice and after 30 40 50 there re no chance that u go fuck up the thing lick it from ur mough and there u go, a very quick rolling video and i like to do this and BY THE WAY WE SUD NOT SMOKE CIGARETTE. and i dont know why,, hv a good day AND BY THE WE SUD NOT SMOKE CIGARETTE ITS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH done brotherr