How To Make Smoked Deviled Eggs | BBQ&A | Southern Living

(upbeat guitar music) A little bit of bacon.
Just a couple of it, yeah. Maybe like one or two pieces. I’m not gonna do tit as pretty as you do. No, we’ll see. See, they’re falling off. Yeah, that’s probably, that’s not that great. (laughing) (upbeat rock and roll music) Hey y’all, I’m Sid Evans. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Southern Living. Welcome to Barbecue and A. We’re here with Suzanne Vizethann from Buttermilk Kitchen in Atlanta, and today, we’re gonna do something a little different. We’re gonna do deviled eggs, but we’re gonna do ’em on the grill. Yep, so we are going to take hard boiled eggs, and we’re gonna put them right on the grill. And so, the idea is to get that, kid of, smokey flavor in the deviled eggs. Yeah, it just infuses ’em into the eggs, and kind of, the outer shell of the eggs. OK.
And then, we’re also gonna use some smoked bacon fat inside the filling. Ooh, can’t go wrong with that. No, you can’t. So, I’m guessing you don’t have to cook these for very long, right. Like 10 to 15 minutes, you’re just trying to get some flavor, now, they’re already cooked, so you want to cook it like smoke, about 200 degrees. This is gonna take about 15 minutes. OK.
So, we’ll start with the other ingredients. These are some eggs that I already cooked off. These are just the insides of six hard boiled eggs. Yep.
So, this is the filling. You just put that right here. I’m gonna add some cheddar cheese. This is sharp cheddar cheese that’s been grated, this is about a tablespoon. This is mayonnaise, this is about four tablespoons of mayonnaise, and a little bit of stone ground mustard. Just to give it a little bit of zing. A little bit of zing. A little bit of salt.
‘Kay. Maybe teaspoon? Yeah, about a teaspoon, and about a teaspoon of black pepper. So, the last key ingredient is when we render off this bacon fat, we’re just gonna add a little bit of the fat straight into the filling. I’m gonna make some room for our bacon. OK.
See you in about a couple minutes.
Now we wait. Now we wait, and then here’s some that I’ve cooked off ahead of time. So, these are just gonna be like little bacon crumbles. Yep.
Which we’ll garnish the eggs with.
Great. Well, I’m not sure if we can call deviled eggs, barbecue, technically, but, we are using a grill. We are using a grill, and we’re smoking ’em, so. We’re smoking ’em, so they’ll have some of that barbecue flavor. You can kind of see how they get that nice, kind of brown color.
Yep. We’ll just take these off. (upbeat music) And, I just cut a little of the top off, and some of the bottom. Then, I go in half, and it’s not overcooked. Yeah, right.
It’s still good. Perfectly.
And then, you can just, kind of, pop that out. Uh huh.
And that way, your eggs’ll just sit real nice. Yeah.
On the platter. Yep.
Instead of rolling around. Yep.
Them we’re ready to do the filling, let’s check on our bacon. OK.
Yeah, you can see. See how the fat’s starting to render? Yup. And we’re just looking like a tablespoon. Perfect.
OK. So, really doesn’t take too much. No, not at all. This bacon fat, goes a long, a little goes a long ways. It’s so flavorful. And, that’s pretty much it. Filling’s done, we’ve got it in our pastry bag, or a Ziploc bag, whatever you have at home. It makes it much easier for piping. And then we just go straight in. You’ve got some nice technique there. Thank you. (Sid laughs)
I have a lot of practice. (Sid laughs) And then, I’m gonna cut just a couple chives just for the top.
OK. And then we also have, I’ll let you help me with these, we’ve got some more of the bacon that we cooked off. Oh, we’ll just garnish a little bit of the top with the chives. And just put come bacon. A little bit of bacon.
Just a couple of it, yeah. Maybe like one or two pieces. I’m not gonna do it as pretty as you do. No, we’ll see.
I don’t see much. They’re falling off. Yeah, that’s probably, that’s not that great. (laughing) (upbeat music) And there you have it, bacon, egg, and cheese, smoked deviled eggs. And that’s it.
That’s it. OK.
You did it. Why don’t we go and eat these? Let’s go do it. So, cheers.
Cheers. Thank you for helping.
(laughing) So, tell me a little bit about Buttermilk Kitchen. So, we’ve been open about six years, and it’s a farm to table, breakfast and lunch restaurant. Deviled eggs have been a mainstay on the menu? Yup, deviled eggs, you know, anything southern. So, I’m gonna let you take the first bite– All right.
And tell me. It’s going in.
(upbeat music) Oh, that’s so good. All that smoke and the bacon. And then these over here, are our drop biscuits, our buttermilk biscuits. So, the biscuits are one of our signature things at the restaurant, that’s kind of what we’re known for. And, it just a buttermilk biscuit, drop biscuit that we actually scoop onto the tray instead of steaming it, side by side. OK, well that, I’ve had a lot of biscuits in my life, and that is an outstanding biscuit.
Thank you. So, Suzanne, we have a tradition where we have our guests sign the Barbecue and A board. OK, great. Going to do the honors? I’d love to. (upbeat music) OK, well done, it’s great to have you here. Thanks again. (upbeat music)