How to Punch Cut Cigars – Cigar 101

Hi. I’m Gary Korb Executive Editor
for Cigar Advisor magazine, and today, I’m going to show you some tricks you
can do with a cigar punch that you may not know about, and will help improve
the draw. We’ll show you a couple of punches. We have here a Vector triple-flame
lighter that comes with a punch, and what’s nice about this punch, is when
you close it, the stub will come out so – or the plug
– they call it the plug, too. And we have another one here.
It’s also on a lighter. It’s very convenient. This is a single flame. And in
this case, case, the punch is right here And we have another
lighter. Another cutter, rather that is just a cutter. And this happens
to be a Montecristo cutter that I got as a gift from the nice people
at Montecristo, and as you can see, it kind of rolls out. And what I like
about this cutter is you could actually adjust the length of the cut, or the
depth for that matter. So, I’m going to use this one to show you how to
do the figure eight, and then we’re going to do the cloverleaf. So, I brought this big cigar. an Inch
No. 70. It’s a 70-ring cigar Now, a lot of guys don’t smoke these cigars,
but I brought a big cigar so you could get a clearer picture of how
we’re gonna do this. So, I’m going to adjust the cutter about there,
and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to hold it steady and I’m
going to punch the cigar, instead of in the center as you would do with
most cigars, I’m going to punch it a little bit off-center. And I’m going
to very gently twist it in. You don’t want to do it too hard.
You don’t want to crack the wrapper. So, that’s our one plug. And let me
just get make sure we get it all out. If there’s any tobacco in there,
what’s nice about this punch too, is, when you close it, the plug comes out. So that’s neat.
The next thing I’m going to do is, I’m going to put the punch right about there.
And again I’m going to go in and And I’m going to pull out that plug
– sometimes the plug doesn’t come out with the cutter – so, you have
to make it work a little bit. And by putting one over the other… Like this – you get a figure eight. Now,
this is gonna give you a better draw because you have two holes. And this cigar’s drawing
pretty good. So, So now let’s say you want even more of a draw. You take your punch cutter and we just
do basically a figure eight on the other side – which is going
to make our cloverleaf punch. Now, that’s why you need a big cigar, too,
because you’ve got to have room. And there’s one… Looks like this is going
to be a manual operation. And then, we do the fourth one –
on the other side… So, now I have four
holes – in the top – and I’m going to get
an even better draw. So… This is probably the next closest thing
to just clipping it with a standard double-blade cutter. But it’s kind of fun, it’s kind
of cool, and you might impress your friends. So let’s get rid of the plug there.
Bang! It’s out. And that’s pretty much it So, try it next time.
It’s a lot of fun.