How to Roll Cigarettes : Price Benefits of Rolling Tobacco

When I began to smoke cigarettes, the price
of gas was eighty nine cents a gallon. A pack of cigarettes was a dollar seventy five. At
the current time, gas is three twenty five a gallon, and a package of cigarettes is well
over six dollars. Now, the reason that I roll my own cigarettes is that, I can get forty
rolled cigarettes out of a two dollar pouch of tobacco. Which saves me, almost five hundred
percent, just to be able to roll my own cigarettes. Now the reason I roll my own cigarettes, is
that it is much less than buying a pack of cigarettes. Much more flavorful also. To roll
your own cigarettes, loose leaf tobacco,
is found in the pouch like this. You’re given a pack of forty papers and two and a half
ounces of fresh cut tobacco.