How to Roll Cigarettes : Variety of Rolling Tobacco Flavors

The advantages of rolling your own tobacco
are many. Cigarettes come in many different flavors and varieties. When it comes to strengths,
you have light cigarettes, full flavored cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, flavored cigarettes, and
you’re afforded that opportunity with your own loose leaf tobacco. You can blend tobaccos
with menthol, you can blend tobaccos with flavor. All of these give you the opportunity
to customize what type of cigarette you prefer for yourself, as opposed to being sold whatever
the company wants to sell you. Another advantage of rolling your own cigarettes
is that the papers do not contain all of the heavy metals, formaldehydes, and cyanides
that tobacco companies spray down their cigarettes with to make them burn longer and to make
them more addictive to you. To mix tobaccos, the best way is to take a little container,
find two of your favorite blends of tobacco, be it menthol, cherry flavored, chocolate
flavored or full-flavored tobacco, and proportion them equally. Blend in a little bit of the
flavor, a little bit of the light tobacco and a little bit of menthol and you receive
a rich, flavorful, minty type of cigarette to smoke.
Very customized to what you prefer. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once
you decide what your favorite flavor is, you’ll be able to recognize how you want to blend
your tobaccos together.