How to Smoke Tri Tip and Smoked Shrimp

What’s up guys! Welcome to Hey Grill Hey,
I’m Susie Bulloch and today I’m joined with a super extra special guest. This is
Dan Phelps from and we are making a wicked spread for
you today. Smoked reverse seared tri-tip and his
famous smoked shrimp. So we’re gonna start with this smoked reverse seared
tri-tip and reverse searing is a technique that I see you using all of the time.
yeah we’re searing is the process of having the smoke and adding that flavor
into the meat first and then you sear it at the end to help seal in that flavor
yep and one of my favorite things about reverse searing is not only do you get
that great smoky flavor you get this even cook on your meat from edge to edge
so you put it on the smoker 225 degrees you can season it honestly however you
like I’m going to be using my homemade beef rub because I think it adds a lot
of flavor it’s a basic salt and pepper based rub with some other funky things
in there but if you’re just starting out salt and pepper on beef is a great way
to go so we’re gonna season this up get it out on the smoker 225 degrees and
we’re gonna let it slowly rise in temperature until, what temperature do you pull yours off at? I pull mine off around 127-130. and what wood do you
like to smoke with? I’ve been preferring pecan lately but I mix it up sometimes
I’ll go Hickory but pecan is my jam. I like oak with beef especially if
it’s a salt and pepper based rub make it makes me feel like Texas. yeah
I was gonna say it reminds me of being in Austin having a barbecue down there. yes
so we’ve got the tri-tip out on the smoker we’ve got a thermometer in the
middle so that we can track the temperature it’ll take probably an hour
and a half at 225 to get to that internal temperature that we’re looking
for before the sear. while we’re waiting for that we’re gonna start working on
some of Dan’s famous smoked shrimp. so will you lead me through your smoked
shrimp recipe because I haven’t made this one yet but I have seen it all over
Instagram. In my process of getting into barbecuing I decided you know, well if
all these other meats taste good why not try something with seafood maybe that’ll
taste better and so I decided to go shrimp try that and made up this recipe
and blew me away so it’s… one of my favorite things that I love about
following your Instagram account specifically and your website is you
tell people you’re learning to smoke you’re not stuck in this kind of idea of
what barbecue has to be and what has to look like and what it has to taste like,
you push the boundaries and you try new things and you push yourself
specifically and I think that’s awesome. so you follow him on Instagram guys.
teach me how to make smoked shrimp okay so what you’re gonna do here it takes
only about five or six ingredients I’m not good at counting so it’s one of
those five or six yeah five or six or seventeen I don’t know whatever it is so
first what you do is a melt your butter which well you know it’s already melted
and then what I’ll do from there is I’ll add garlic into the butter and then I’ll
mix that up how much garlic do you normally add?
about a clove so if you’re getting the the minced garlic that’s in the in a jar
then you’re looking at about a half teaspoon okay you put in like four in my
pan if you love an extra garlicky then by all means knock yourself I’m a big
garlic fan okay so then we’ll do three half teaspoons and for you I will
compromise and then you mix that up in there and then once you got the butter
in the garlic mixed we’ll go ahead and put the shrimp in now I got this 8×8 pan
and so I’ve learned from experience here that having three rows of five so
probably so I’m good at math 15 you put There are more numbers here than I thought
I was not counting on this many numbers today math numbers are my forte okay
just meats are good yeah meats are good yeah exactly so what we’ll put the
shrimp in there and then mix it up and then what I like to do is lay the shrimp
in the pan well do our three rows of five each and then after that I like to
mix the rub so I’ll take the rub and I’ll sprinkle it on the shrimp
didn’t I bribed you today to use my rub yeah this is my chicken seasoning but
it’s great on veggies fish it’s kind of like my all-purpose go-to
it’ll look a little different when it’s on the shelves in your local grocery
store or online Cross your fingers! and maybe a little
bit of a bigger bottle but anyway so we’ll have that and then I’ll put the
rub on then I’ll squeeze I liked a cup 1/4 of a lime lemon lime lemon oh I’m
bad at colors yeah bad at numbers bad at colors but meat, I’m good, I swear
but yes we’ll take this 1/4 of a lemon and I will go ahead and squeeze that
across the shrimp and then I also add one sprig of rosemary between each row
just the whole spray yeah I just lay them down like that so I think it uh
helps out a little flavor but also looks pretty that’s why they’re so photogenic
I think these are the most photogenic shrimp ever and you’ve got all the right
elements you’ve got the butter of the garlic the lemon the seasoning and now
how do we cook them? okay so once you got in the pan just take it out to the
smoker you can go at 250 or go at 275 if you’re a little more of a hurry last
time I did that 275 they still turned out amazing
so we will do that for if you do 275 then we’re looking at about 25 minutes I
want to say so we’ve got this mocha roll in at 225 for the tri-tip do you think
we can just put it on right next to the tri-tip so they cook at the exact same
time absolutely ideal all right you plan on about an hour for
the shrimp and I think our tri-tip needs about that long still so let’s get them
out there all right let’s do our tri-tip is perfectly up to
temperature in the middle it’s time for the sear of our reverse sear so walk me
through how you do this down okay so what I love to do is take a cast-iron
skillet like you got here and then I like to take butter or even if you have
a compound butter like you use like a garlic herb butter great that’s what I
like to do so I’ll dump that in there and then next I like to put a sprig of
rosemary in and then after that I’ll throw the tri tip in there and just let
it sear for about a couple minutes on each side and I love doing it in the
cast-iron because you get that evenly cooked outside there you get that nice
char that’s even all over instead of on grill grates where it’s just like you
know you get here here here you get more crust whole surface area crust yes with
butter yes all about this yes and what I love about reverse steering
is you don’t need to sear it for very long on the outside because it’s already
perfectly cooked all the way through what we’re doing here is really adding
color and flavor with that final crusty sear. yes and I think some
people need to realize that that that crust on the outside some people will
see it say oh it’s been burnt but really if you do it right it’s gonna it’s gonna
have a little bit of that crust but it’s not gonna be overdone so it’s the right
kind of char yes there’s char that’s burned and
there’s char that tastes good yes and one of my favourite food network chefs
Anne Burrell she always says brown food tastes good and so you want that nice
dark caramelized crispy outside absolutely yep yeah steaks done shrimps done which means we
get to eat finally now okay so that you a plate and a fork and I have to play
but we we each have our own pan of shrimp which I’m really excited about
and then of course tri-tip I’m taking some of these big middle ones okay well
if that’s not like you’re the perfect surf and turf I don’t know what is mmm
ready mmm all right oh you check will you
challenge me so now we have to do it okay okay had it finished week salesman
or spaceman okay yeah go we both do it you know how to do it I hope you guys have an awesome day please
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