How to Stop Asthma Attack (Cure Acute Asthma Exacerbation) in 2 Min

About 200 Russian and Soviet doctors applied this simple breathing exercise on thousands of people with asthma. They found that up to 90% of asthmatics are able to reduce their symptoms, so that they don’t need to use bronchidilators, for example, ventolin or some others, in order to stop asthma attacks. CO2 dilates bronchi and bronchioles, and that is the factor that provides improved oxygen transport. So, therefore, by breathing less, asthmatics are able to improve oxygenation of their body cells, and this is the foundation of this exercise. Furthermore, Russian doctors found that if these asthmatics manage to increase their body oxygen levels up to the medical norm, and, in order to achieve that they need to slow down their breathing pattern back to the medical norm. They will be able to get rid of their inflammation, irritation, allergies, and they are not going to have any symptoms for asthma.