How to Use PT Phantom II Aerosol Insecticide |

Hi I’m Elizabeth from and today
we’re going to be talking about PT Phantom II pressurized insecticide. Enjoy the power of Phantom insecticide in
a ready to use aerosol can with Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide. The easy to use can includes a straw to reach
spots where pests hide, and no mixing or measuring is needed. Phantom Aerosol offers non-repellent control,
perfect for pests like roaches and ants. Pests interact with the spray and spread the
insecticide to other pests in their colony, transferring from one pest to another upon
contact. This controls more pests with one treatment. Phantom II is also long-lasting, only needing
to be re-applied every 30 days. The formula dries clear and is effective against
pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and roaches. Before using the insecticide, go outside and
remove the nozzle from the can. Then attach the included straw applicator
to the nozzle. Grab the straw at the very end and force it
in. Use pliers to attach the straw if needed. Make sure the straw is away from your face
and body. Align the spray nozzle into the hole and press
firmly for a few seconds. The can will discharge and it takes a quick
force of your hand to put the nozzle back on. Indoors, remove pets and people from rooms
being treated. Spray for 2 seconds per linear foot, focusing
on the cracks and crevices where pests hide, including around door and window frames, under
appliances, in openings around pipes and sinks, behind baseboards, in the corners of closets,
and in other crevices. Once the spray is dry, pets and people can
safely re-enter the room. Phantom II Aerosol can be used on the seams,
folds, and edges of mattresses when treating for bed bugs, but Do not spray the entire
mattress. You can also spray in the corners of empty
drawers, in box springs, on the edges of carpets, and on the corners of picture frames and wallpaper
edges. Phantom should be used in conjunction with
other products labeled for bed bugs for total control. Outdoors, it can be used in the cracks and
crevices where pests may enter the home, including around utility pipes, where wires enter the
home, and in eaves and attics. Be sure to read the label of PT Phantom II
Pressurized Insecticide for further instructions on where the product can and cannot be used. If you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more DIY and product videos. Thanks for watching!