I Started Smoking Cigarettes

when my bestfriend gloria came it was the best and it was also my birthday!IM 18 I was so excited that I was finally now considered a legal adult. I can now vote, and serve my country if I wanted to. I can also buy certain things that were looked down upon. That wasn’t until 4 months later in May, just a week before my high school graduation. I wanted to buy myself a late birthday present, and also gift to myself for the fact that I was moving on to the next chapter of my life as an adult. What was that you may ask? A pack of cigarettes. Now I along with the entire world knew the consequences of taking up smoking. I’ve had the antibiotics education all throughout elementary and middle school, that explain the horrors of what might happen if we ever decided to smoke. And it was very frightening to me at that time. But, me being a curious and rebellious teenager, I decided that I’d try it at least once for the experience, And I’ve promised myself I would not make it a habit. I had decide that I would wait until my mom went to sleep. I carefully and quietly snuck out the front door… Once I got to the gas station, I got extremely nervous. Afraid that I’d sound and look foolish… I kindly asked for the pack I wanted. Had my ID checked, and I gave the young clerk the cash. Finally, this was it. My first pack of cigarettes. I decided that I try one now, as I just couldn’t wait. Took out a cigarette, and I lit it. The taste was very, very, very harsh, and bitter, and nasty. After taking a few coughs, I finally decided to inhale. My lungs felt that they were collapsing. Desperately trying to breathe as I cough like no tomorrow. In the back of my head, I thought I was going to pass out and die, as I literally could not breathe! I threw the cigarette on the ground, and puddled it out immediately. Yet I still kept the pack with me. Weeks later, I tried again and this time I succeeded at inhaling. I thought it was just going to be a casual habit of mine. But I was dead wrong. I kept on buying packs non-stop for the next year! I’ve made numerous attempts to try and quit but I simply couldn’t. And I was starting to run low on money, all on some rolled paper. If you are curious about smoking, or being peer pressured into it, simply don’t do it. Nicotine is one of the hardest addictions to break, and the best way to break that addiction, is to never start in the first place.