I’m Addicted To Coca Cola

HENDRIK BOTHA: I wake up with Coke and I go to bed with Coke. HENDRIK BOTHA: That’s a telephone. That’s a telephone, telephone, telephone, this is a telephone,
which actually work. It used to be our house telephone. COMM: Hendrik Botha has the largest collection of Coca-Cola cans and merchandise in South Africa. HENDRIK BOTHA: If there is a new set of cans, to find enough of them to trade is a mission.
You go from shop to shop to shop. And I have been chased out of shops already, because
they put the can with Coke facing the front and not the picture. And I want to see the
picture. So, I stand in front of the fridge and turn all the cans around and this guy
comes asking, “What are you doing?” I’ve been chased out a couple of times already.
INTERVIEWER: Do people get quite aggravated or they could go angry with you?
HENDRIK BOTHA: Yes. It does happen. HENDRIK BOTHA: Oh, you know, it’s nice to use this to brag about it. HENDRIK BOTHA: Some people is fascinated by it. HENDRIK BOTHA: This is very very rare and unavailable. This one is very very difficult
to find. COMM: And it’s not just Hendrik who delights in the world of Coca-Cola collection. His
wife Rykie is also an avid collector. RYKIE BOTHA: I’m very proud of him and I share his passion. I also look for him for
stuff and bought him a few bargains already. I have got my own Coca-Cola T-shirts. And
with his 60th party we dressed up all Coca-Cola. COMM: In the couple’s previous home, the collection was placed all over their house,
including a Coca-Cola bar instead of a dining room. Since moving, they’ve created a purpose-built
annex in their garden to store and display Handrik’s ever-growing collection. RYKIE BOTHA: But I think altogether it looks neat, but also you see all this stuff displayed.
I would say it’s rather a passion than an obsession. INTERVIEWER: This is a very weird question, but how much Coke do you drink?
HENDRIK BOTHA: 4 litres a day. INTERVIEWER: Every day?
HENDRIK BOTHA: I wake with Coke and I go to bed with Coke. I don’t drink coffee, that’s
about all I drink. INTERVIEWER: What’s the most extreme that
you’ve gone to get something? HENDRIK BOTHA: Most extreme is searching the
dustbin, going to a rock concert 12 o’clock at night or 2 o’clock in the morning, because
you expect some special cans there before they clean it up. And then you go through the dustbins
and you find perhaps a couple of things which you want. I have done some crazy things like
that already.