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If you live outside India, have a foreign accent and looking for a job Then you don’t need to worry, because You can open a reaction channel which reacts on Indian shows, trailers and movies. And our “sweet” Indian Youngsters Will make you rich and famous ! But remember Living in Foreign and having a foreign accent is a must ! Even If you don’t have a foreign accent And you manage to develop a fake accent People will treat you like a GOD and wait for your reaction ! But if you are an Indian And you’re planning to open a reaction channel…then Forget it ! Forget Foreign Viewers, because they don’t give a damn Even if you react on Indian Content People will comment something like this…. From where did this weird kind of obsession seep into our Youngsters ? The reason is simple! A very deep inferiority complex of Indians And a sense of validation from the west ! Which means, we will value only those things Which are approved by the West ! We won’t go to Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram to get spiritually enlightened Or to learn something ! We will go there because…. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had gone there Which changed their life ! We’ll value a place in our country only when… It is approved by the West !!!! We won’t respect Kailash Satyarthi because he started Bachpan Bachao Andolan in 1980 And neither did the media cover him ! We will respect him only because He was awarded Nobel Prize..which means he is approved by the West ! We won’t respect a sharp Indian Student because He started a company and employs 1000s of people But we’ll consider an IITian as GOD If he/she secures a massive package in a Foreign Company ! Wish we would have respected and appreciated our own talent ! We would have had our own Google or Microsoft ! We are just independent on paper After years of independence, we are slaves to the Foreigners, psychologically ! And we keep waiting for their approval ! If a foreigner speaks wrong Hindi, that becomes so damn cute ! But if an Indian makes a mistake while speaking English He is labelled as an “illiterate” Learning Sanskrit, Marathi or Tamil is uncool But learning French, Latin or German Becomes so damn cool and classy ! We are hungry for approval from the west ! Let me give you an example Drishyam was an awesome Malyalam film made in 2013 Which was remade into several languages in India Including Hindi in 2015, starring Ajay Devgn And as soon as it released, some biased media houses started to say That Drishyam is a scene by scene ripoff Of a Japanese Novel “The Devotion Of Suspect X” If I say that Drishyam isn’t a copy of that novel And only the ‘theme’ is similar Like Spielberg’s movie E.T which dealt with the arrival of Aliens Had the same theme As 2016’s “Arrival” Will you believe me ? Why would you ? I am a Hindi Speaking , stupid Indian ! With a false sense of patriotism ! Pieces of Work is an Austrailian Youtube channel Which reviews Asian FIlms And majorly Indian Films and shows He said this about Drishyam – Drishyam a film that was recommended to me by many people A few people said that it’s a ripoff or plagiarization Of “The Devotion of Suspect X” A japanese Novel I disagree with that Because the only thing that is similar to The Devotion Of Suspect X from Drishyam Is a murder cover-up ! How do I know this ? Well I recently read the book I have seen the original Japanese Film, I have seen the Korean Version “Perfect Number” And I have also seen the Chinese Film All are vastly different from Drishyam ! It’s like you hear people talking about The Raid and Dred They want to Pit both against each other and say “Oooh The Raid plagiarised Dred”.. and vice-versa ! Last time I checked, The Raid and Dred weren’t the first films about a cop Going up a high rise Building And fighting a bunch of bad guys ! Now it seems believable right ? Approved by the west ? All these things are really weird Unless we believe in ourselves and our people Hoe can we expect to rise ? Our biggest enemy are the people living among us Who keep hating India for no reason ! Not even obsession, they have this ‘lust’ for approval of the West ! Tomorrow if an Entrepreneur from among us Tries to do something different , we will all lynch him ! If a filmmaker makes a scientific movie People will write in the comment section- “copy of Interstellar”, “copy of Arrival” “Copy of Martian” and “Copy of Inception” The time has come that we rise from that inferiority complex ! We have got to see ourselves from from our own eyes ! Not from the eyes of the west ! Start learning about our own culture and heritage We have to rediscover ourselves ! Only then can we think to move forward. And we won’t require approval From any Foreign Reaction Channel If this video made sense to you, please share it with as many people as you can To open their minds Comment what you feel about it And Subscribe to FMF for more such content ahead !