Instant Shine aerosol is for dressing the hard to reach places

[Music] Alright so now we went through we got
rid of all those bug guts good a little bit of shine on this bad boy we’re gonna
take some 3D Instant Shine and put a little bit more protection this sucker is gonna
make it real easy for you yeah we just did all that clean-up on all those bug
guts, so we might as well for a little bit of production back on here huh we did strip
anything on that was on here before with the bug remover because it does have a
little bit of a degreaser in it… [spray sounds] There you go, then just take a towel and wipe around any excess that you might have and the
overspray waalaa! thanks for checking us out on Facebook Instagram all those posts and make sure you comment
comment below let us know what you think and if there’s any questions or problems
that you might have, feel free to ask till next time I’m Don Williams we’ll
see you then.