Introduction to Tobacco Cessation Classes

Hi I’m Theresa a registered
nurse and the Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program
Manager for the Minneapolis VA. Welcome to the Tobacco Cessation
Virtual Education class! Congratulations on taking
this significant step to quit tobacco use and
to improve your health! This self-paced, virtual class
is intended to be interactive and involves the use of
eight (8) online videos as well as the use of
the Tobacco Cessation: An Abbreviated Mini-Workbook, handouts,
and other resources. As the course progresses, you will hear from a number of
experts in the field of tobacco cessation who work with
Veterans, just like you, who are ready to be tobacco free-they
are here to guide you through your journey of
quitting tobacco. Throughout the videos,
they will ask you to pause and refer to specific pages
in the workbook to complete, or to do some reflection
through the use of handouts. It’s important to pause
and do the written work. These materials are provided
to guide your reflection on and build your confidence with
the tobacco cessation process. The education packet you
received provides you with the links to these videos, handouts
for this class and the Tobacco Cessation Workbook, as well as
a list of additional resources. Please complete all (7) courses as well as the My Quit Plan session
when you are ready. We recommend you revisit
the My Quit Plan video periodically throughout
the course, to review and adjust your quit
plan as needed. You will be contacted to
schedule two (2) telephone appointments with a member of your local Tobacco
Cessation team about 2 weeks after you start this course
and again at 6 weeks. Please be prepared for
these appointments. We recommend keeping a list
of your of your questions to review with your clinician
during these visits. You do not need to wait
for your scheduled telephone appointments. If at any time during your quit
journey you have questions or need additional support, please contact a member
of your health care team via secure messaging
or telephone. If you are having
technical issues with accessing the
course materials, please contact your local
My HealtheVet coordinator. When you are ready, begin
with course one (1).