Is The Cosmetic Enhancement Industry Safe? | Harleen Nottay

With the number of lip filler searches ten
times higher than in 2012 and the most popular non-surgical procedure of 2016 of course,
the lip enhancement. You only have to scroll through your Instagram feed to see that we’re
living in a world obsessed with ‘tweaking’ our faces. But how safe is this industry? And do you see dermal fillers as an extension of your
handbag or does it worry you that 51% of women aged 16-29 would contemplate some form of cosmetic
enhancement? As I research this video, I’m poring over
article after article about how the non-surgical facial enhancement industry is seriously booming
but let’s not forget how expensive it is! If you’re going to a reputable clinic with
fully medically trained professionals, you’ll be looking to fork out a pretty penny for
the procedures and anybody that tells you anything different should be seriously vetted
first! I’ve met up with Medical Aesthetic Practitioner
Rhianna Bell to discuss further her first hand experiences of having to rectify the damage
done by rogue beauticians. My name’s Rhianna Bell, I’m an Aesthetic Practitioner
and I’ve been practicing full time for three years now. Lip filler complications is something
we’re seeing a lot more of recently. There are a lot of terms that get flung about online,
Aesthetic Practitioner, Healthcare Practitioner, Medical Practitioner, anyone can use these
terms without any proper training they’re not protected titles so a lot of the time
these girls are going to practitioners who aren’t trained but they aren’t aware that
they’re not trained. Don’t be scared to ask your practitioner. Are you a nurse? Are you
a doctor? Are you a dentist? Are you a healthcare practitioner? What are your qualifications?
Before you let anyone touch you with a needle. It’s your face, the complications can be very
serious so no qualified practitioner is gonna be annoyed by you asking them what their qualifications
are. I think attitudes are pretty relaxed towards aesthetic treatments, it’s becoming
a lot more mainstream, we’re seeing a lot more of it on social media. At the end of
the day, these treatments are still medical treatments. The complications can be serious.
The practitioners are able to provide really cheap treatments by using really cheap products
realistically. There are fake products that get used, there are products that are imported
from countries where they’re not regulated. Practitioners can pick them up for pennies
and then obviously charge a lot less than what you’d be charging for a legitimate regulated
product. What we can do to stop this happening is by taking the procedures a lot more seriously,
understanding what can go wrong with them and making sure your practitioner is right
for you. Making sure you do your research into the practitioner and you’re not just
going by price. One thing that we do understand is that we
don’t know fully how these things are gonna impact us until we’re older. And I’m not here
to judge anybody so if you wanna go inject filler into your face with this information
in hand then that’s totally your choice if you’re over 18. I also fully appreciate and understand that
not all women are receiving filler for the same reasons. Edinburgh based henna artist
Kashaf Latif shares her experiences and reasoning behind why she’s had her lips fillered. Hello my name is Kashaf, I am 25 years old
and I’m a Scottish Pakistani girl. My occupation is currently I’m a henna artist freelance
but I’m also an aspiring lawyer. The reason why I got lip fillers done is because, ok
I’m very bad at pronouncing this, the hyaluronic acid, attracts water, so that really helped
the dry skin and eczema around my mouth. My good friend, told me that it can help with
dry skin and eczema. That straightaway made me think; maybe I should give this a shot
because creams and other things were just not working for me. I don’t regret getting
my lips fillered at all, if anything it’s made me feel more confident because the skin
has actually improved a lot. Before it was one of my insecurities that I had eczema around
my mouth and not even makeup could cover it. Since I’ve had the fillers done, it has
helped a lot. Now Kashaf actually found that fillers helped
with her eczema and whilst hyaluronic acid is sometimes said on the Internet to help
with the condition, there’s little evidence to actually support this and according to
the NHS, there is no cure for eczema. Clearly, there are other reasons why a young
girl may want her face fillered however; for the majority of young girls, this is clearly
an aesthetic issue. It would break my heart if I had a daughter
and she has these types of feels. It just seems to me like it would be a lot easier,
cost effective, painless and longer lasting if you worked on the reasoning behind WHY
you wanna inject substances in your face to alter your features and if you still wanna
go ahead at the end of it, then all power to you! Just please understand how addictive people
have claimed these procedures to be and if you do want to embark down this path – it’ll
not be a cheap one! Have you ever had your lips fillered or any other type
of facial enhancement? Were your experiences positive or negative? Let me know in the comments